Why You Need a Pared-Down High-Top

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Picture this: a subway car heading downtown full of 20-somethings clad in the very latest the fashion industry has to offer. Bags, boots, and cold-weather accessories emblazoned with logos in a font size not unlike the first letter on an eye exam, puffer coats in colors so bright they’re borderline blinding, all worn with a flashy attitude to match. This isn’t an imagined scene; it’s our morning commute in New York City.

This more-is-more approach to dressing is unquestionably of the moment, and no one item is impervious to the trend, even high-tops. It seems as though they, too, have decided that the louder, the better. There’s one problem, though: when your head-to-toe look is full of statement pieces, it, well, makes the wrong statement.

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