BuzziSpace Goes Outdoors with the BuzziNordic ST900 Series

Photo of BuzziSpace Goes Outdoors with the BuzziNordic ST900 Series

Most of the time we think of the Antwerp-based BuzziSpace as clever problem solvers for noise reduction in the office, but they’re also bringing their skills to the great outdoors with the BuzziNordic ST900 Series. Stäffan Thomasen created the series as a way to bring elegance outdoors and with their latest update, they’re releasing three new styles that will keep any outdoor environment elevated.

The BuzziNordic ST900 series is a trio of lounge pieces, including a daybed, single armchair, and a matching ottoman, made from Cumaru hardwood that’s durable enough to brave inclement weather. The vintage-inspired pieces have a Scandinavian aesthetic with the light wood finish and minimalist upholstered cushions in outdoor fabrics. While the three models are made for the outdoors, their modern and refined design could easily work inside as well.

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