Samsung may release its foldable phone as early as March

Photo of Samsung may release its foldable phone as early as March

Last week, Samsung revealed its first foldable smartphone, which is rumored to be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F. The device was masked to hide its identity and Samsung cautioned that it wouldn’t arrive until 2019. While many of us expected a lengthy wait, Korea’s Yonhap News Agency is reporting that Samsung’s foldable smartphone may be released as early as March 2019.

The report claims that the foldable device will launch alongside a 5G-capable version of the Galaxy S10, following the launch of the standard Galaxy S10 in February. The foldable smartphone, however, is not expected to feature 5G support.

The price will likely keep the foldable smartphone as a niche product for now. This first foldable device from Samsung is rumored to retail for close to two million won, or about $1770 USD. Though the device is innovative, that’s a steep price to pay for being ahead of the curve. Nonetheless, Samsung mobile chief D.J. Koh said that the shipment volume of the foldable smartphone is expected to be at least one million.

The report doesn’t state if the device will be exclusive to South Korea or if it will see a wider launch around the world. In any case, we’re looking forward to seeing the device in action.

What do you think of foldable smartphones? Is this a fleeting trend or the next wave?

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