15 Crafty Creations Inspired by Folk Art From Around the World

Photo of 15 Crafty Creations Inspired by Folk Art From Around the World

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For centuries, artisans across the globe have been creating folk art. Characterized by a cultural or community-based focus, this artistic genre encompasses all sorts of styles, mediums, and techniques. To celebrate the enduring art form, we’ve crafted a collection of our favorite folk art-inspired gifts from contemporary artists around the world.

Featuring presents inspired by countries from Uzbekistan to the United States, these goodies will take you on a whimsical tour around the world. Foxy nesting dolls, colorful woven vases, and a “quilted” phone case are just some of the handpicked treasures you’ll find in this fun and folksy list.

Turn any occasion into a cultural celebration with these folk art gifts.

Honor crafts from around the world with these contemporary folk art creations.

Foxy Russian Nesting Dolls

Folk Art Gifts Nesting Dolls

Fortmoon | $29

American Folk “Heart” Card

Mediterranean Tile Necklace

Folk Art Gifts Folk Art Jewelry

BylaIca | $23.42

Chinese Kites Giclée Print

Woven African Vases

Folk Art Gifts African Folk Art

GoneRuralUK | $46.29

Mexican Papel Picado

iinviteyou | $12+

Americana Quilt Phone Case

predesign | $28.79

Modern Japanese Kokeshi

Uzbek-Inspired Tea Towel

MirDinara | $24+

Peruvian Llama Doll

Folk Art Gifts Folk Art Embroidery

Kiriki Press | $16.25

Dutch-Inspired Embroidery Kit

Mexican Mug Set

Spanish Tile Linocut Card

ManoConOjo | $4.50

Incan Pattern Print

Anna Lemos | $40.99

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