Wynne Sets off All the Warning Signs With “Don’t Touch”

Photo of Wynne Sets off All the Warning Signs With “Don’t Touch”

The Northwest is honestly one of America’s best kept secrets. From this corner of the country, Portland rapper Wynne a.k.a. Sina Holwerda has been slowly grinding and building a name for herself post-viral fame. Today, we’re sharing the music video for her second single “Don’t Touch.” The fiery MC further elaborated on the meaning behind the wavy song in an email to Highsnobiety.

“’Don’t Touch’ lives in a lot of different worlds for me, but it’s mainly residing as a warning; I’m confronting my identity as hip hop’s poison apple,” she said. “It’s sort of my offer to quarantine myself- preventing the people who want to get involved from being effected by how difficult and awkward it is to break a successful white female rapper. This juxtaposed with the loneliness that comes with that isolation, and how that is sculpting my journey.”

Watch out for Wynne and stream her latest offering in full below.

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