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Video: How ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Makes Sense of Crypto Assets

Think all crypto assets are cryptocurrencies? ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees breaks down how he sees the evolving taxonomy of the blockchain industry.

Video: Bitcoin or Litecoin? Charlie Lee on Which Crypto Had a Better 2017

Litecoin's creator sits down for a Q&A on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, talking bitcoin scaling, ICOs and where the industry is headed.

Video: Bitcoin Sign Guy Tells All About Infamous Janet Yellen Photobomb

The man behind the sign steps into the light to talk about bitcoin's philosophy, its future and just what he was doing in D.C. that day.

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #1: Bitcoin Sign Guy

The man behind the sign steps into the light to reveal his motives. In a year beset by savage infighting, Bitcoin Sign Guy took a stand, with a small action that not only broke the internet, but

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #2: Jamie Dimon

"Bitcoin is a fraud." Four small words ignited a maelstrom when JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon took the stage at a conference in September. The blockchain world was never quite the same again. In response,

2017: A Defining Year for Cryptocurrency Regulation

This Year in Review article look at some of the major regulatory developments from 2017.

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #3: Charlie Lee

It's good to be Charlie. After years of working at the first "Bitcoin Unicorn," Lee stepped out on his own in 2017 to take up arms against those who would delay bitcoin technical development. His

Where Are All the Quick Wins for Blockchain?

Was 2017 too long-term focused? Entrepreneur Tom Klein believes quick wins are what's needed to bootstrap corporate blockchains in 2018.

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #4: Naval Ravikant

If crypto assets really are the "Craziest Bubble Ever," then Naval Ravikant is the movement's elder statesman. The founder of AngelList, Ravikant didn't talk much about startups in 2017, instead

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #5: Joe Lubin

Part sheriff? Part outlaw? Either way, Joe Lubin appears right at home in the "Wild West" of cryptocurrencies. The leader of a company that's part ethereum project incubator, part change-the-world

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #6: Yao Qian

Call it the biggest short in history. China took plenty of actions against cryptocurrencies in 2017, banning ICOs, shutting down domestic exchanges and all but taking a match to what was once one of

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #7: Pieter Wuille

Speak softly and carry a big SegWit? If bitcoin saw its biggest and most controversial change this summer, the evolution can all be traced back to one developer. Still, the founder of the

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #8: Erik Voorhees

Erik Voorhees always seems slightly out of step. An early evangelist for the tech, Voorhees may be a rarity in that he has not only maintained but grown his relevance on the industry stage, all the

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #9: Amber Baldet

In darkness or in light? Either way, Baldet seems right at home whether she's onstage at a banking conference or somewhere in the islands, posing for pictures at an "ethereum unicorn party." Will she

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #10: Jihan Wu

Master of the ASICBoost, conjurer of Antbleed... Perhaps no character in the pantheon of industry leaders has been the subject of more conspiracy theories than Mr. Wu, a passionate bitcoin believer

China on a Blockchain? Maybe in 2018

China may have moved to ban crypto activities in 2017, but that doesn't mean the country won't be a major player in the year ahead.

What DAO? Charting Ether's Epic 2017 Price Climb

Ether's price began 2017 below $10, shooting to as high as $800 earlier this month.

2017: The Year Crypto Became a New Asset Class

Crypto assets may have become an asset class in 2017, but that doesn't mean there's work yet to be done to bring the technology to main street.

Blockchain Asset Registries: Approaching Enlightenment?

Putting real-world assets on a blockchain may be a promise worth pursuing, but field reports suggest it's an idea still just out of reach.

What Wall Street Said About Bitcoin in 2017

To short or to long? Is bitcoin in a bubble? We summarized the various views from prominent figures in the finance world and the academia.