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New app Meerkat prompts big privacy concerns

Live-streaming app enables users to share virtually anything, but in what cases, if any, does that go too far?

Meerkat is legal and people are watching

CBS News Legal Analysis Rikki Klieman explains the legality of SXSW's most talked about app of 2015, Meerkat, the live streaming app that you can use to stream anything.

Burmese pythons are taking over the Everglades

The invasive reptiles, imported from Southeast Asia as pets, are thriving in the national park and eating up all the bunnies

What kind of damage can a solar storm do?

The effects of a solar storm that hit Earth Tuesday were mostly beautiful, but these events have the potential to wreak havoc

Astounding facts about solar eclipses

The moon photobombs the sun more often than you might think

Solar eclipse to darken skies Friday

Most North Americans will miss out on the view, but scientists see the event as a rare opportunity to study the sun

Nintendo makes its smartphone debut

Nintendo is playing catch-up when it comes to innovation and recently announced it will enter the smartphone market. CNET's Jeff Bakalar joins CBSN with more.

RIP Internet Explorer

Microsoft is launching a browser codenamed Project Spartan to replace Internet Explorer. CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers and Meg Oliver discuss branding and the future of Microsoft with CNET's Jeff Bakalar.

Winter was world record warmest

As the Northeast fights its way into spring, a new report says global temperatures were hotter than normal this season

Prehistoric whale skull helps place humans' first steps

A ​17-million-year-old fossil from a 23-foot-long whale is helping scientists understand when we began to walk on two legs

Carbon-storing Amazon forest is losing its touch

The Amazon jungle plays a key role in keeping carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, but its powers are waning significantly

Elon Musk thinks computers drive better than you do

The Tesla CEO said cars driven by humans and may one day be "outlawed" because they're "too dangerous"

Why did 1,800 sea lion pups wash ashore in California?

Scientists believe the crisis could continue, with young sea lions arriving on beaches sick and starving for months

FAA investigates drone flying near news choppers

A news helicopter crew captured remarkable video of a drone flying dangerously close to another chopper near Seattle. The camera operator estimates it got within 50 feet of a news chopper. Charlie Ros

Hertz faces heat for cameras in rental cars

The nation's second largest rental car company says the devices cannot be turned on. So many people are asking, why is Hertz introducing the technology? Vicente Arenas went to Hertz's headquarters in

California struggles to conserve what little water that's left

As 93 percent of California faces "severe" drought that's lasted years, state regulators pass new restrictions on water use

Nintendo games are finally coming to smartphones

The firm announced Mario is headed for mobile and teased its "entirely new concept" gaming console, codenamed NX

​Now Facebook can also be your checkbook

The social network is adding electronic payments capability to its Messenger app -- just tap a new "$" icon to get started

​Why do penguins waddle?

This great scientific dilemma now has some answers thanks to a research project at the London Zoo

This is what Apple's website looked like in 1998

Go back in time with a GIF of at the dawn of the rainbow iMac -- as viewed on Netscape Navigator, naturally