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"Let me in": Witnesses dispute cop account of Botham Jean shooting, attorney says

Protests over the police-shooting death of a black man inside his own apartment in Dallas grew tense overnight. More than 100 people gathered to demand justice for Botham Jean who was shot last

Millions brace for impact as Hurricane Florence churns toward East Coast

Hurricane Florence's size is "staggering," National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham warned

Hurricane Florence: Mandatory evacuations in North Carolina

By the end of Tuesday, more than 1.5 million people in Virginia and the Carolinas will be under evacuation orders. In Dare County, North Carolina, a mandatory evacuation order took effect at 7 a.m.,

State of emergency in Southeast ahead of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane watches are in effect in the Carolinas, with Hurricane Florence taking an ominous path toward the Southeast. It's now a powerful Category 4 hurricane with winds of 140 mph. It's expected to

Eye Opener: Hurricane Florence prompts mandatory evacuations

More than a million people are told to evacuate as Hurricane Florence, now a Category 4 storm, barrels toward the Southeast. Also, the nation marks 17 years since 9/11, the deadliest terror attack on

Trump commemorates 9/11 anniversary at Flight 93 memorial

President Trump marked the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

Facial recognition tech could shorten security lines, but is it accurate?

An ACLU test misidentified 28 members of Congress as people arrested for a crime with the false matches disproportionately people of color

"Holy place": New York City marks 9/11 anniversary

Tuesday marks the 17th anniversary of the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil

Indictment likely for couple accused of misusing homeless man's cash

Mark D'Amico and Katelyn McClure have earlier denied wrongdoing or misusing the cash, which was raised on GoFundMe from 14,000 contributors

Witness reveals apparent last words of man shot dead by cop, lawyer says

"They heard knocking down the hallway followed by a woman's voice that they believe to be officer Guyger saying, 'Let me in. Let me in,'" attorney Lee Merritt said

How Lucy the Lab overturned a sex abuse conviction

"Lucy the dog was not shot. Lucy the dog is alive and well," and that means Joshua Horner's 50-year sentence was based on a lie

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Latest forecast for Hurricane Florence; Homecoming queen kicks winning field goal

Millions brace for Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is threatening millions as it approaches the U.S. Southeast. The Category 4 hurricane will likely bring damaging floods, winds and storm surge. CBS News weather producer David

Homecoming queen kicks winning field goal

Soon after Kaylee Foster was crowned her high school's homecoming queen, she took off her tiara and put on her football helmet. In the homecoming game, as a place kicker, she scored the winning field

Serena Williams' treatment at U.S. Open resonating with women

A dramatic series of events at the U.S. Open has sparked a discussion surrounding Serena Williams and whether she got fair treatment from a referee. After she lost the championship match, Williams

Kim Jong Un asks for another meeting with Trump

President Trump may have a second meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders made the announcement Monday, nearly two weeks after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Olivia Munn says "Predator" cast shunned her

Munn said she was surprised to see co-stars give Black a standing ovation after he knowingly cast a sex offender

Christian college cuts ties with Nike over Kaepernick ad

Truett McConnell University's president said the campus will stop selling the sports company's products until it "chooses to apologize"

Latest forecast for Hurricane Florence

Satellite images shoe Hurricane Florence about 1,200 miles east of the Carolinas. With winds of 140 mph, the National Hurricane Center says it's capable of catastrophic damage. WBBM meteorologist

Hurricane Florence prompts evacuations orders along South Carolina coast

Hurricane Florence has grown into a powerful Category 4 storm, heading for the Carolinas. On Tuesday, everyone living along South Carolina's coastline must evacuate. CBS News correspondent David