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Eye Opener: GM faces backlash over major layoffs

GM workers, lawmakers, and the president denounce the automaker's plan to cut up to 14,000 jobs and shut down car factories. Also, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort faces new legal trouble

GM layoff announcement sparks controversy

General Motors faces a barrage of criticism over a plan to cut thousands of jobs, even though it's profitable. The cuts will affect 15 percent of the company's white-collar workers and many

Trump says he expects to raise tariffs on China

President Trump says in a Wall Street Journal interview that it is "highly unlikely" he'll comply with China's request not to raise tariffs in January

Americans are more comfortable with women as executives than politicians

Americans say they’re more comfortable with a woman in the boardroom than in the White House, according to a recent survey

Utah teacher kills her ex-husband's girlfriend in front of her kids

Utah teacher shot and killed her ex-husband's girlfriend in front of the former couple's children, police said in jail documents

Trump threatens to permanently shut down border

President Trump doubled down on his immigration stance, with funding for his border wall on the line. Julia Manchester, a reporter for the Hill, joins CBSN to discuss Monday's political news.

Deconstructing My Religion Promo

The show looks at what happens when people have doubts about the faith tradition in which they were raised, and how the sharing of personal stories can be a means to heal from spiritual trauma. Begins

Alec Baldwin appears in NYC court on assault charge

Actor has previously denied​ he punched anyone in the parking clash outside his Manhattan apartment building on Nov. 2

Ford speaks out in rare statement since Kavanaugh hearings

"Although coming forward was terrifying, and caused disruption to our lives, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to fulfill my civic duty," Ford wrote

Nooses found by Mississippi Capitol before Senate runoff

One sign read: "We're hanging nooses to remind people that times haven't changed"

If you don't know where your romaine came from, don't eat it, says CDC

The FDA said to check the label to make sure it is not from California's Central Coast, and people shouldn't eat romaine that doesn't have label information

Lawmaker calls for Central American "Marshall Plan" after border visit

Rep. Lou Correa said the U.S. government should invest in Central America to discourage migrants from journeying north

"Concealed Online" among top Facebook political ad spenders

A company selling online certification for carrying a concealed weapons is among the top Facebook political ad spenders. Wired magazine looked into "Concealed Online" and its advertising on the

Mueller says Manafort violated plea agreement by lying to feds

In a court filing, prosecutors say Manafort violated his plea agreement with the government by lying to federal investigators "on a variety of subject matters"

Jerome Corsi tells media he will reject Mueller plea deal

Jerome Corsi, a right wing conspiracy theorist and associate of Roger Stone, told several media outlets Monday he plans to reject a plea deal being offered by special counsel Robert Mueller that would

Sinatra the husky reunites with family months after tragic event

Mystery swirls over how this "Ol' Blue Eyes" was found 1,100 miles away in Florida

Police change story about fatal shooting of wrong man during mall shootout

Police in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, offered a new explanation Monday for killing the wrong man during a mall shooting last Thursday night. The officer's actions were initially called "heroic,"

Trump hits the trail for Mississippi Senate runoff

The president hit the campaign trail Monday in Mississippi for one last rally of this election cycle. He appeared on behalf of GOP candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith ahead of tomorrow's Senate runoff

NASA's Insight lander touches down on Mars

NASA's Insight lander hit the Martian atmosphere at 13,000 mph on Monday, slowing to just 5 mph when it touched down on the surface. It sent its first picture from the red planet soon after. CBS News

Missing dog reunited with family after 18 months apart

Nothing's better than a good old lost dog reunion. Sinatra, a blue-eyed 5-year-old husky, had been missing for 18 months from his home in Brooklyn until his owner got him back Monday morning. CBS News