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CNBC: Auto: news on page 227

Driverless cars and death: The best job of 2015

Thomas Terry has the "Best Job of 2015." And you know what question he gets asked all the time? "How long am I going to live?"

Toyota to set up shop in yet another country

Toyota is joining other major automakers and turning to this Latin country to build and export vehicles.

Michigan auto insurance most expensive in US

CNBCs Morgan Brennan on which state charges the most for car insurance.

Honda: Takata airbag hurt Florida driver last month

A Honda vehicles airbag exploded and a piece of metal shot from the bag into the drivers neck, reports said last week.

Ready to ditch the plug?

One automaker is developing an electric charging platform that can charge your electric car wirelessly. Phil Han reports.

Southern drivers spend most on gas: Here's why

A federal analysis finds that Southern drivers spend more on gasoline than those in regions with larger transit systems.

Why VW's leadership clash could spell trouble

With a leadership clash at Germanys Volkswagen surfacing this weekend, concerns over what impact it could have on business are growing.

At Disney attraction, Lamborghini crashes, kills 1

A Lamborghini at Walt Disney Worlds exotic car racing attraction crashed, killing a passenger and injuring the driver on Sunday, police said.

GM mulls $1B tech center renovation near Detroit

General Motors is considering plans to spend as much as $1 billion renovating its Technical Center, Bloomberg reported.

Refiners, retailers chase US drivers' demand

The average national price of a regular gallon of gasoline continues to drop.

Ford to gain control of Russia JV, provide finance

U.S. auto maker Ford will take control of its Russian venture with Sollers and provide additional financial support.

Nissan, BMW recall 94K vehicles to fix fuel pumps

To prevent fuel pumps from failing and causing stalling, Nissan and BMW are recalling more than 94,000 vehicles.

Auto dealers rack up record profits

Surging vehicle sales, strong demand for financing and busy service departments helped auto dealers post their best year ever.

Only 2.2% in profits? How auto dealers thrive

Car dealerships broadly thrived on a 2.2 percent profit rate last year and dealership worker wages rose. USA Today reports.

Why Warren Buffett is wrong on car-dealer model

Warren Buffett said the car-dealership model isnt going to change anytime soon. Heres why hes wrong, says auto-industry consultant Daron Gifford.

Prone to motion sickness? Avoid these cars

Automakers say autonomous cars will keep drivers safer than ever. But it could also make them sicker. Carsick, that is.

Here's why the US is urging you to wash your car

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration closed a five-year investigation into rusting pipes in about 5 million vehicles.

Stock picks: Why analysts see upside in transports

For those willing to ride out the volatility in transports, analysts say there are good buying opportunities.

Tesla upgrades the Model S

Tesla is upgrading its Model S in the latest move to make the high-end sedan stand out in an increasingly competitive luxury car market.

Mercedes-Benz has best sales month in its history

Luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz saw its highest monthly sales ever in March.