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Muller disputes BuzzFeed's bombshell report on Cohen as Trump denounces 'disgrace to journalism'

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office issued a rare public rebuke of elements of a stunning report that alleged President Donald Trump directed his former legal counsel to lie in sworn Congressional

Trump set for 'major' border announcement amid reports of concessions on immigrant 'Dreamers'

President Donald Trump said he will make a "major" announcement about the border and ongoing government shutdown, amid reports that the White House could make a major concession on its immigration

Here's how Mueller uses his power to gather evidence in the Russia probe

As the special counsel's investigation grows increasingly damaging to President Donald Trump's close associates, and possibly the president himself, it's worth looking at how Mueller obtains this

In 2020 Democratic race for the White House, virtually all the barriers are gone

This year, at least four women, two African-Americans and one Latino have serious prospects for a 2020 bid.

Russia conducted another successful test of an anti-satellite missile, US intel report says

The latest revelation comes on the heels of the Pentagon's missile defense review, which addresses anti-satellite capabilities that "could threaten U.S. space-based assets."

White House games out potential new Trump infrastructure plan

Still, it's not clear whether the administration will move forward to publicly announce a new plan of its own, or wait for Democrats in Congress to bring their own infrastructure proposal out first.

White House: Next Trump summit with Kim Jong Un will take place near the end of February

The summit would be the second between Trump and Kim as the U.S. pushes North Korea to dismantle its nuclear and missile programs.

House Intel Chairman Schiff vows to focus on Trump Tower Moscow deal in wake of BuzzFeed report

If true, Schiff said, the allegations "would constitute both the subornation of perjury as well as obstruction of justice."

Trump AG pick Barr told senators that a president who encourages perjury is committing a crime

Bill Barr's answer to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., went viral after a BuzzFeed report said that Trump had directed his then-personal lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about an aborted plan to

Sen. Elizabeth Warren questions Mnuchin about his extraordinary calls to bankers and regulators

In a letter, Warren asked why the Treasury chief made the calls when they were no major concerns about stability or financial institution liquidity.

Trump accuses Michael Cohen of 'lying to reduce his jail time' in wake of BuzzFeed bombshell

BuzzFeed reported that Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress about talks regarding a possible Trump Tower project in Moscow.

Trump reportedly told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about Russia Trump Tower deal

BuzzFeed's report that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about attempts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow cites two federal law enforcement officials involved in the investigation.

Trump cancels US delegation to Davos World Economic Forum due to shutdown

The White House says Trump canceled the trip "out of consideration" for 800,000 workers not receiving pay because of the partial shutdown.

Farmer frustrated over government shutdown as bills pile up and his loan is delayed

After 27 days of a partial federal government shutdown, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue ordered 2,500 employees on Wednesday to open half the Farm Service Agency offices around the country. It

Paychecks, IPOs and GDP data: Here are the next things the government shutdown could disrupt

From missed paychecks to economic data and the court system, here are key dates at which the government shutdown will cause new disruptions.

First lady flies on government jet after Trump postpones Pelosi trip to Afghanistan due to shutdown

Trump's action came a day after Pelosi urged him to reschedule his upcoming State of the Union address to Congress or deliver it in writing.

Trump calls for enhanced missile defenses, stressing evolving threats from China and Russia

The unclassified report is believed to have been delayed because of sensitivities about framing threats posed by foreign powers.

California's housing affordability crisis looms over the state's problems with teachers

California's housing affordability crisis has contributed to the challenge of school districts attracting and retaining teachers, but some are fighting back with special educator housing.

Trump loses support among his core voting groups as the shutdown drags on, polls say

The poll results come in the midst of the government shutdown and as multiple Democratic lawmakers announce 2020 bids to challenge Trump.

Michael Cohen says he tried to rig online polls 'at the direction' of Donald Trump

President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, said he tried to "rig" online polls — including one conducted by CNBC — "at the direction and for the sole benefit of" Trump.