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This '90s Jack Bogle interview shows how little his famous investing strategy changed over the years

Jack Bogle was famous for making investing accessible to everyone through index funds. His message was simple: why waste money on expensive fees and commissions for complex funds when market

Netflix says it's more scared of Fortnite and YouTube than Disney and Amazon

Netflix says it's silly to frame the conversation around its company against new streaming services like Disney+.

Netflix says its cash burn will peak this year, then go down

The company has long argued its cash burn is a long-term investment because it ultimately owns the rights to the original content produced.

Investors pulled a record $143 billion out of active funds during December's plunge

According to data from Morningstar, actively managed funds experienced outflows of nearly $143 billion in December, their worst month ever.

Marvin Goodfriend's nomination to the Fed appears in doubt

President Donald Trump's move to appoint the Carnegie Mellon economist as a central banker ran into a dead end last year when the nomination died in the Senate.

American Express drops after missing Wall Street's fourth-quarter expectations

American Express missed analysts' expectations for fourth-quarter earnings and revenue.

These stocks could surge the most if the US lowers tariffs on China and makes a trade deal

U.S. stocks with significant revenue exposure to China could be big winners if a trade deal comes through, according to HSBC.

Walmart abandons plans for video streaming service and will focus instead on Vudu

Walmart is bucking the video streaming trend, opting not to launch a new service after talks with former Epix CEO Mark Greenberg ended.

Square takes another step into banking with a debit card for businesses

Square announced a debit card for businesses on Thursday, its latest move into big banks' territory.

The major bank earnings reports are all in and Morgan Stanley was the biggest loser

Sharp market declines in December showed that, while they've made progress diversifying their businesses, big banks like Morgan Stanley are still exposed to the whims of the market.

3 sophisticated ETF plays for a market that's stopped going straight up

Investors should consider buying three exchange-traded funds that track emerging markets, short-duration U.S. bonds and merger arbitrage, according to an investor who specializes in ETFs.

Cramer: Morgan Stanley had the most disappointing earnings of the big banks — I'm 'confused'

"I hate to say it, but this was the most disappointing of all," CNBC's Jim Cramer says.

Your first trade for Thursday, January 17

The "Fast Money" traders share their first moves for the market open.

Stocks are 'cheap' and should surge to new highs this year: $6.6 billion money manager

Avalon Advisors' Bill Stone sees the S&P 500 reaching at least 3,000 by the end of the year.

Why Jack Bogle mattered so much to the investing world

Bogle's central insight was that money managers were almost never worth their high fees.

'Smoooth Dogg': Snoop Dogg just backed a Swedish online payments unicorn

Snoop Dogg is better known for his work in the music business — but the U.S. rapper is now throwing his weight behind fintech.

Morgan Stanley shares slide after disappointment on weak trading, wealth management

Morgan Stanley's two biggest businesses suffered declines amid last year's whipsawing markets.