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The strange reason to avoid these stocks this week

A strange market condition makes tech stocks a better bet in two weeks, according to Larry McDonald of Societe Generale.

Twitter stops its inside selling: Report

After criticism of its 10b5-1 program, including by CNBCs Jim Cramer, the company quits the sales and the stock price goes up.

Old media pushes bask against Verizon's custom TV

A battle is brewing between Verizon and media companies who provide content to its FiOS TV service.

Facebook tests mobile calling app 'Hello'

Hello, built by the messenger team, can pull information people and businesses have shared on Facebook.

The big migrant wave to Europe will be hard to stop

Efforts to thwart a wave of illegal human smuggling face powerful economic forces that will be difficult to overcome.

These retailers pay the highest rents

Cowen & Co. analyzed which retailers are getting the most bang for their real estate buck.

Google launches US cellphone service

Google launched a new U.S. wireless service that will enable customers to pay only for data they use and use Wi-Fi to curb data use.

Crunched: Patient costs rise, ability to pay falls

Feeling strapped by rising medical costs? Youre not alone, by far.

1/3 of Americans have saved just $1K for retirement

Most Americans know they should be saving more, but new surveys reveal few of them are actually doing it.

Google's high-speed Internet coming to more cities

Google Fiber will expand to 19 more U.S. cities. Why businesses are intrigued by the super fast Internet service.

For millennials, banking is all about the apps

A majority of respondents to a survey said a better app than what their current bank offers would convince them to switch.

What drivers REALLY want (Hint: Not connectivity)

Vehicle owners are most interested in technology that will keep them safe, according to a new study by J.D. Power.

Broadcom CEO: We found our 'sweet spot'

Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor says his company is focusing on Internet connectivity infrastructure as well as on smartphones.

Another effect of California's drought: Mosquitoes

California may be dry, but water-breeding mosquitoes, and the diseases they carry, still may have another big year.

Dalio: This IS ‘secular stagnation’

Hedge fund manager Ray Dalio would like to discuss "secular stagnation" over a beer with Ben Bernanke and Larry Summers.

Hello? Here's why the IRS isn't returning calls

The IRS hung up on more than 8 million taxpayers this tax season as it cut millions of dollars from services.

As Earth Day grows, so do eco-challenges

As Earth Day grows, environmental experts have become concerned about the growing issues. NBCNews reports.

This credit card issuer named best for small biz

Every major credit card company uses personal credit data to determine whether a business is eligible for a credit card, a CardHub study finds.

Behind the Koch 'endorsement' of Scott Walker

David Koch is pushing back against reports that he endorsed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for president. NBC News reports.

US poultry exports plunge with avian flu scare

Exports of poultry dropped sharply in February amid scares of the avian flu outbreak.