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Some KIND Bars Not So Healthy, FDA Says

FDA says some KIND bars don't meet standards to bear "healthy" label.

Watch: Kind Bars Under Fire for 'Healthy' Label

The FDA says the fruit and nut bars violate their healthy labeling guidelines.

See Lab-Made Heart Cells Beat on Their Own

Heart cells created from stem cells were able to beat on their own.

Watch: See Lab-Made Heart Cells That Actually Beat

Wake Forest researchers created the tiny heart cells by manipulating stem cells. (NO AUDIO)

Hospital Welcomes First All-Girl Quintuplets Ever Born in US

The first all-girl quintuplets in the world since 1969 were born last week in Texas, according to a statement from the Woman???s Hospital of Texas.

Widow of Gunned-Down Boston Surgeon Welcomes Baby Girl

A gunman shot Dr. Michael Davidson at Brigham and Women's Hospital in January, when his wife was 7 months pregnant

Taxes 2015: The Science of Procrastination

Why couldn't you just have done your taxes in February?!

Cruise Ship Outbreaks Sicken More Than 200 Passengers

The CDC has sent officials to review how the outbreaks started and to review the crew response.

Woman???s Severe Burns Show Dangers of Nail Polish Remover

A vapor cloud from nail-polish remover caused a flash fire that left a woman covered in third-degree burns.

Watch: Texas Woman Burned in Nail Polish Remover Accident

The 20-year-old victim sustained third-degree burns on half of her body.

Watch: Washington State Vaccine Law Enforced in Spokane Schools

Spokane public schools are pulling students from class who aren't in compliance with Washington's vaccination laws.

Kidney Donor Chain Changes 68 Lives Forever

This kidney donor chain is the longest multi-hospital chain in the country.

Softball Player???s Mysterious Death Attributed to Meningitis

Madison Small, 18, died after complaining of a headache last week.

Watch: German Mom Pregnant With Quadruplets at Age 65

Annegret Raunigk is already a mother to 13 children and will soon retire as a schoolteacher.

Heartwarming Ways Mourners Remember Lauren Hill

Mourners pay tribute to Lauren Hill, whose motto was "never give up."