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Harvard Business Review

Businesses Are Preparing for Brexit — and Bracing for the Worst

A year and a half after the original vote, the outcome is still uncertain.

What Sales Leaders Need to Excel Over Time

Being a lifelong learner is essential.

Customer Surveys Are No Substitute for Actually Talking to Customers

A dozen interviews can be more useful than thousands of responses to a questionnaire.

Apple in China, and Payday Lending

Youngme, Felix, and Mihir discuss Apple’s position in the Chinese market; debate whether payday lending is good or bad for workers; and ask whether companies should be doing more to help employees

The Innovations Closing Africa’s Electric Power Gap

Big companies and local innovators are finding creative solutions.

How to Set Up an AI Center of Excellence

If you’re a large company using AI, you need one.

How Retirement Changes Your Identity

Teresa Amabile, professor at Harvard Business School, is approaching her own retirement by researching how ending your work career affects your sense of self. She says important psychological shifts

Are Your High Expectations Hurting Your Team?

It’s hard for people to stay motivated when nothing is ever good enough.

Research: When Being Close to Your Employees Backfires

People tend to respond less quickly to managers they’re friends with.
The Right Way to Use the Wisdom of Crowds

The Right Way to Use the Wisdom of Crowds

You need a strategy for combining people’s opinions.