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Great White Shark Dwarfs Divers in Close Encounter off Hawaii

A group of divers had a close encounter with a great white shark off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, on Tuesday, January 15, with local diver and conservationist, Ocean Ramsey, able to touch the shark as

Brazil calls for gang attacks on infrastructure to be classified as terror

Burning petrol stations, blown up bridged and torched police stations are just a few of the ways crime bosses in Brazil are flexing their muscles from within the confines of their prison walls. The

Venus Williams speaks after failing to reach the 4th round at the Australian Open

January 19, 2019. Serena Williams speaks to the media after losing in the third round of the Australian Open. She says that it doesn't feel great to lose, no matter whether or not she'd be playing

‘Yellow vest’ protestors storm Paris for 10th week

France has deployed 5,000 police to suppress a tenth week of ‘yellow vest protests’ in Paris. The protests initially opposed the rising cost of living, but they’ve since morphed into a revolt against

Aus Open prize money gives Bolt a chance to push his career and aim for the top 100

January 19, 2019. Aussie wildcard Alex Bolt speaks to the media after his round three loss at the Australian Open. Bolt says he'll be able to use his prize money to enter tour events and propel his

German submarine from WWI surfaces on French beach

A treasured piece of history has surfaced on a beach in northern France, appearing from beneath the sand more than a century after it was abandoned in the first World War. The U-boat was on a mission

Officer numbers at critical levels: Queensland Police Union

The Queensland Police Union is claiming the state's police patrols are taking up to eight hours to attend crimes including break-ins as staffing numbers reach critical levels. It claims that more

Islam convert in prison

Prisoner Ryker Scott Jennar converted to Islam in jail, breaking ties with his childhood sweetheart Candy Towers.

The Top 50 most influential women in Australian sport

Influential Australian sporting women; Cate Campbell, Alyssa Healy and Ellyse Perry talk about the growth in women's sport around the country.

Banana augmenting researcher nominated for Australian of the Year

The 2019 Australian of the Year Awards will be announced next week in Canberra, honouring those who've made a significant contribution to their communities. One of the nominees for Senior Australian

Novak Djokovic discusses issues surrounding the ATP Player Council

January 19, 2019. Novak Djokovic discusses the ATP player council, saying he's frustrated by leaks coming from within and the whirlwind of gossip and rumour that is permeating. (AAP VIDEO/Alex Murray)

Sydney Eat Street: Australia Day

Foodie finds for Australia Day with Sydney Eat Street.

Spiritual leader of group behind Bali bombings to walk free: Joko Widodo

The 81-year-old spiritual leader of the terrorists behind the Bali bombings will walk free from jail in a matter of days, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has confirmed. Indonesia's president is

Djokovic talks code violations and stadium lights after his Round 3 win at the Australian Open

January 19, 2019. Novak Djokovic says that the TV broadcasters requested the lights be put on for his match at 5pm, which Djokovic says he has not seen before at that time of day and wasn't impressed

PM pays tribute as O’Dwyer quits politics

January 19, 2019. Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Melbourne says he supports the choice of Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O'Dwyer before she announces she is quitting politics in order to spend

Kelly O’Dwyer announces she is quitting politics

January 19, 2019. Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O'Dwyer in Melbourne alongside Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces she is quitting politics in order to spend more time with her family and

Rescue Crews Rush to Save Boy Trapped in Malaga Well Ahead of Forecast Rain

An international rescue team worked on January 18 to free a two-year-old boy from a borehole in Malaga, Spain, ahead of forecast rain, according to Spanish reports. The boy, Julen, fell down the

19 year-old Denis Shapovalov discusses playing against a legend of the game in Novak Djokovic

January 19, 2019. Canadian Denis Shapovalov talks to the media about his third round loss to Novak Djokovic, and how a younger player coming up against a legend of the game settles down and confronts

Beijing residents expel their rage in ‘anger room’

People in Beijing are donning jumpsuits and taking bats to old phones, televisions and computers to vent their anger in the city's first so-called 'anger room'. The company running the room says it

Raonic wins through to round 4 – trained for the Australian summer by spending December in the Caribbean

January 19, 2019. MilosRaonic speaks to the media after defeating Pierre-Hugues Herbert in the third round of the Australian Open. Raonic discusses his for so far, and preparing for the Australian