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Saving California From Wildfires Requires Cooperation With Trump

President Trump recently tweeted “The Governor of California, @GavinNewsom, has done a terrible job of forest management,” Newsom tweeted back, “You don’t believe in climate change. You are excused

San Francisco’s New DA: Public Urination ‘Will Not Be Prosecuted’

San Francisco’s pee problem could soon get worse. Chesa Boudin, the urine-and-feces-plagued city’s incoming district attorney, pledged during the campaign not to prosecute public urination and other

37th Senate District Democrat Flip Target—Sen. John Moorlach

Not doing a voter registration drive since March, 2013 is having its effect on the Republican Party and its candidates. It can be starkly seen in the Orange County 37th District. In just three years,

SDG&E Planning 340 New EV Chargers at Schools, Parks and Beaches

Great news for electric car fans. Bad news for gas stations and the future of the car. Once all cars are electric, how do you guarantee government will allow you to buy the needed electricity, keep

The Mexicanization of American Law Enforcement

California allows the theft of good, up to $950, with arrest or punishment. The State protects criminals from foreign countries—including murderers, rapists, drug smugglers and human sex traffickers.

California Approves $3.2 Billion Bond For High Speed Train From Nowhere: Victorville/Vegas

To call Guv Newsom a liar, would be to understate his devious, say anything to get a vote, campaign of 2018. H started that campaign on the basis of opposing the choo choo to nowhere in the Central

Lack of $$ or Riders Doesn’t Stop Choo choo to NoWhere Indebt Tens of Billions for California

The train to no where is based on the ADMITTED lies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his crony capitalist/union buddies—they doubled the number of riders predicted and claimed the cost was one fourth the

Water Supplier Temporarily Backs Out of Contentious Shasta Dam Deal

Thanks to a lawsuit filed by the State of California, the people of California will not have enough water during the next drought, a major construction job was stopped and the ability of the Federal

Replacing Cal Am with a public agency would lower water costs, study says.

Socialist, to the detriment of the public really believe their own lies. We know government does nothing at a lower cost that private industry. But, they are always looking for an excuse to take over

Berkeley ‘instructor’: ‘Rural Americans’ are ‘bad people’

What do the academic crowd think of the people in rural America, the farmers, the small businesses, churches and families that appear in “flyover” country? These folks believe in G-d, traditional

Elias: Time for realistic California housing goals

San Fran needs housing—yet local groups and attorneys find excuses to go to court to stop the needed units from being built. In five years, we are told, California needs 3.5 million new housing

The Complex Web of New Voting Laws

You might have heard by now that San Diego County’s attempt to deal with a new state law allowing same-day voter registration caused a great deal of drama. That law, SB 72, requires county elections

Why Raise Property Taxes When Revenues Are Way Up?

During this past summer there were dozens of media stories about big increases in property tax revenues. Orange County was typical. The taxable value of real estate went up $33 billion to over $600

Eber: California overcome by class warfare

The Left has a surefire way to end “income inequality”. Elizabeth Warren wants to add a massive tax on executives that get salaries significantly higher than supervisors and blue collar workers. Of

1 in 3 San Fran Residents Thinking of Leaving, New City Survey Finds

I am shocked that one in three San Fran residents want to leave. The rest are either very, very rich, very poor or illegal aliens. Otherwise they, too, would want to leave a decaying, expensive city.

University of California heads to Supreme Court to defend protections for undocumented immigrants

I bet you thought your tax dollars were to build a college system in California for our children. I bet you thought honest students would be able to attend a tax financed university? In California

Frost: Why I voted against the emergency eviction ordinance

Government thinks it is doing well for the people. Instead, it harms those they are trying to help. Sacramento Democrats passed a rent control/no eviction policy to go into effect on 1/1/2020. Now,

In a sign of changing California economy, an iconic flower company closes its doors

Another California government created disaster. In Half Moon Bay 200 people have lost their jobs because of government taxes and policies. Yes, it is the changing times—from when government wanted

Mexico Is Urging The Supreme Court To Stop Trump’s Bid To End DACA

The Mexican government is run by the drug cartels. Past Mexican presidents went into office as poor and left, six years later as billionaires. The drug cartels use illegal alien smuggler to bring

Taxpayers Finance “Free” Bus Rides in Sacramento

The socialists running the Sacramento government transportation system are crowing that ridership has increased on the tax subsidized system. But, understand the reason for the growth is that for many