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Can Trump recapture his ‘bully pulpit’?

Facing clear political peril, President Donald Trump will deliver his second State of the Union address at a moment when his bully pulpit is uncertain and his negotiating skills in question after a

HHS: Reuniting children is a ‘burden’

On Friday HHS basically admitted that when they separated children from their migrant parents they never anticipated reuniting them, and didn’t bother gathering the information they’d need to bring

Private Trump / McConnell emergency talk leaked

This Washington Post headline says it all: “McConnell privately cautions Trump about emergency declaration on border wall” This is how the HUFFPOST titled their story about the Washington Post

Trump to promote ‘America first,’ himself in State of Union

For all of President Donald Trump’s talk about “America first,” the next two years of his presidency could shine a sharp spotlight on America abroad. His State of the Union address next week will be

Trump pulls plug on nuke arms treaty with Russia

The United States announced Friday that it is pulling out of a landmark nuclear arms treaty with Russia, arguing that it should not be constrained by a deal Moscow is violating with “impunity” by

Talk, no negotiation between Trump, Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declared that there’ll be no “wall money” in any compromise border security deal as she and President Donald Trump signaled that congressional negotiators may never

Mueller: Lots of evidence against Stone

Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone is due back in court Friday in the special counsel’s Russia investigation as prosecutors say they have recovered “voluminous and complex” potential evidence in the

Trump’s war with his intelligence agencies proves he is unfit for office

Preface: from The Washington Post Thursday 9PM EST “Intelligence officials were ‘misquoted’ after public hearing, Trump claims:” Trump claimed the intelligence chiefs had told him their remarks had

Trump reverses course on intel chiefs

A day after he lashed out at U.S. intelligence agency chiefs over their assessments of global threats, President Donald Trump abruptly reversed course and said that he and the intelligence community

Negotiators want border security but not wall

Capitol Hill negotiators are hopeful of an agreement as they officially kick off talks on a homeland security spending bill that is trapped in a stalemate over President Donald Trump’s long-stalled

Schumer’s deadly flip-phone & Democratic resolve

The White House plan for peeling off Democrats to support President Donald Trump’s demands for billions in border wall money ran into a particularly stubborn obstacle: Senate Minority Leader Chuck

Trump lives in a world of dangerous pathological delusions and lies.

(Update) Yesterday morning I clicked on The Washington Post website and saw their articles. This is story which should which send chills up and down the collective spines of every sane freedom loving

Will Congress see full Mueller report?

Lawmakers appear increasingly nervous that Congress and the public won’t see a full report when special counsel Robert Mueller is finished with his Russia probe, including what the investigation finds

Stone pleads ‘not guilty’ to witness tampering, obstruction

Roger Stone, a longtime adviser and confidant of President Donald Trump, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to felony charges in the Russia investigation after a publicity-filled few days spent slamming the

Can negotiators avoid another government shutdown?

Capitol Hill negotiators are hopeful of an agreement as they officially kick off talks on a homeland security spending bill that is trapped in a stalemate over President Donald Trump’s long-stalled

Trump should avoid another government shutdown

President Donald Trump learned over the past month a valuable Washington lesson that old-timers like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell learned long ago: Shutdowns

Acting AG: Mueller probe ‘close’ to completion

The special counsel’s Russia probe is “close to being completed,” the acting attorney general said in the first official sign that the investigation may be wrapping up. Acting Attorney General Matthew

Bolton’s ‘5,000 troops’ display: Strategic or inept?

On Jan 23rd, President Trump issued a statement which said in part “Today, I am officially recognizing the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of

Trump doubts budget deal is possible

President Donald Trump said the odds congressional negotiators will craft a deal to end his border wall standoff with Congress are “less than 50-50.” As hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal

Trump to escalate fight for wall to the end

Trump has shown he is unable to compromise. He has reacted to the past week’s defeats at the hands of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats with what can only be called a rage attack. He laid down the