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Romney: Another rubber stamp, Trump enabler?

Mitt Romney didn’t join the other 11 Republican senators who voted with the Democrats to vote to sanction the companies of Russian oligarch and Putin pal Oleg Deripaska. His vote wouldn’t have made a

A hot feud between Pelosi, Trump

She imperiled his State of the Union address. He denied her a plane to visit troops abroad. The shutdown battle between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing out as a

Giuliani changes tune on collusion with Russia

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Thursday walked back comments from the night before in which he maintained that he had “never said there was no collusion” between Russia and members

Thousands more children taken from immigrant parents?

Thousands more migrant children may have been split from their families than the Trump administration previously reported, in part because officials were stepping up family separations long before the

McConnell unwilling to take on Trump

One of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s guiding principles is: “There’s no education in the second kick of a mule.” Now, deep into a government shutdown he cautioned President Donald Trump

Trump’s deadly and dangerous disease threatens us all

We knew Trump would be a disaster as president, but we didn’t know that he would bring to Washington a disease as deadly and contagious as cholera. It is a disease that has led the international

White House, not Trump, condemns Rep. Steve King

Comments by Republican Rep. Steve King about white supremacy are “abhorrent,” the White House said Wednesday as bipartisan condemnation of King continued. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee

Mueller’s report could be be short on detail

Robert Mueller’s Russia probe has to end with a report. But anyone looking for a grand narrative on President Donald Trump, Russian election interference and all the juicy details uncovered over the

No, Trump doesn’t have to give a State of the Union

The U.S. Constitution mandates in Article II, Section 3 that presidents “shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such

Barr claims he won’t be a ‘Trump loyalist’

Vowing “I will not be bullied,” President Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general asserted independence from the White House, saying he believed that Russia had tried to interfere in the 2016

Congress: ‘No open government, no recess’

Staring down the next deadline to pay federal workers, the White House shifted tactics, trying to bypass House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to negotiate with rank-and-file lawmakers even as President Donald

Former coal lobbyist may be permanent EPA chief

Acting Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler’s past lobbying work for coal companies and other industries regulated by the agency is expected to draw scrutiny Wednesday when a Senate

Hamberders by any other name & more chilling news

Tuesday began with the oddity of Lindsay Graham mistaking Michael Steele for Christopher Steele, the retired MI-6 agent known for the much maligned by Trump and the GOP, but never disproved, dossier.

Dems must consider running against Romney/Flake

I wasn’t going to write this until Trump went down in ignominious flames. While I’m not superstitious, I still thought doing so might jinx the chance of him being impeached, resigning, or deciding not

Republicans strip Steve King from all House committees

Veteran Republican Rep. Steve King will be blocked from committee assignments for the next two years after lamenting that white supremacy and white nationalism have become offensive terms. King, in

Was Trump’s treason willful or witless?

Alliteration alert: I admit that I am addicted to alliterations. So many come to mind when I think about Trump, treason, and Russia. Most pundits who aren’t on the White House payroll or Fox News

Trump: ‘I will never back down’ on wall

With the government mired in shutdown week four, President Donald Trump rejected a short-term legislative fix and dug in for more combat Monday, declaring he would “never ever back down.” Trump

Barr argued Trump did not obstruct justice by firing Comey

President Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general sent White House lawyers a memo arguing that the president could not have obstructed justice by firing ex-FBI Director James Comey, describing a

Trump: A non-traditional, unorthodox traitor

Following the revelations over the weekend about Trump and Russia two powerful members of the Republican party took to the airwaves to defend their president. Here are two examples. The first one

Can Congress find a way to end shutdown?

Congress returns to Washington for its first full week of legislative business since control of the House reverted to Democrats, but lawmakers will be confronted with the same lingering question: When