Capital Hill Blue

Donald Trump: Hypocrite, coward, disgrace, traitor

Trump is a disgrace to America. So are the cowardly Republicans who let him ignore the law, any value worth honoring and the Constitution of the United States. And so are those who vote for him.

Best ways to describe the lying fraud named Trump

Trump has so many failings, corrupt actions, and criminal missteps that it takes an army of fact-checkers to keep up with his many illegal and immoral actions.

Trump trashes and lies about things he doesn’t like

Trump never lets fact get in the way of things he disagrees with. He just ignores the fact and lies.

Trump reality TV show antics no longer work

Trump believes he is so popular that all he has to do is lie and pull stunts to keep his unearned job at Pennsylvania Avenue. Even polls from die-hard supporters like Fox News say he is losing ground

Biden’s accuser: A record of fraud, deceit and bad debts

Tara Reade has claimed abuse by her father, husbands and others, none documented. She claimed she was an Olympic class skier. No one remembers that. She claimed an education she didn't get. She

As usual, Trump claims he knows more than experts

As a classical narcissist, Trump claims that anyone who disagrees with or contradicts him is an enemy who cannot be trusted. Many call his claims a vivid description of himself.

Report: Trump’s inactions killed 36,000+ Americans

The report from Columbia University says inaction by the president delayed implementation of social distancing and that if implemented just one week earlier, could have saved 36.000 lives in the U.S.

Most Americans now see Trump as putrid slime

It took a virus microbe to reveal Trump as a petty, histrionic, lying incompetent who must be removed from office so he can sink into his own toxic swamp.

Of course, Trump is lying about taking hydroxychloroquine

Does anyone really believe the First Germophobe will willingly take a drug that could kill him? Whenever he opens his mouth, all he can do is lie.

Trump taking questionable anti-malaria drug

He claims he is taking a drug to treat a virus he does not have and is ignoring the threats that drug has posed for those who take it for more legitimate reasons.

Trump is a fraud and serial liar. Ignore him.

Donald Trump is a serial liar who belches verbal diarrhea that leaves a stink wherever he goes. Time to cleanup the mess and dump him into the nearest sewer.

Will voters dump Trump and save America?

America has been in a free-fall since 2016 when a gerrymandered electoral college map gave the presidency to a lying con-man said he would make this country great again. He made it far worse

Whistleblower: America faces ‘darkest winter in history’

Richard Bright says America needs a comprehensive plan but is not getting one from the nation's failed president.

House set to pass new virus rescue. Republicans balking

Senate Majority Leader McConnell says whatever plan passes will be the "last" rescue plan on the virus.

Serious questions about Trump’s sexual antics with children

Trump has bragged about his adultery, threesomes and other questionable sexual antics. He has also been charged with raping a 12-year-old model and his actions and comments with his daughter Ivanka

May the coronavirus wipe out Trump and his vile racism

Donald Trump is a racist. So are too many of those in his so-called "base." He likes the fact that the Coronavirus is killing many in the minority community, which makes him just the kind of president

Trump shelved CDC plan to safely reopen businesses, economy

With polls showing his re-election prospects fading, Trump has no interest in saving American lives. All that matters are his needs.

Manafort released from prison; virus concerns cited

The one-time chairman of Donald Trump's presidential campaign will finish out his time in home confinement.

Reopening economy too soon brings ‘needless suffering and death’

Fauci's concerns go against Trump's desire to open business at any and cost, even more deaths of Americans.

Supremes hearing arguments on releasing Trump tax records

For many, this case rests on Trump's belief that he is above the laws he swore in an oath to uphold.