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Deja Blue? No, Carlton are better placed than a year ago

Sam Docherty's injury presented Carlton supporters with an unwelcome sense of ''here we go again'', but it doesn't necessarily mean another miserable season.

Cameron Bairstow will only get better from here: Lemanis

Andrej Lemanis has watched on as former NBA centre Cameron Bairstow made his slow recovery from a knee reconstruction and he sees only good things ahead for the big man.

Gattellari guilty of trying to extort $50m from Ron Medich

The jury did not believe Gattellari’s claim that he was merely attempting to “trap” Medich into accepting a bribe.

Tortured Tibetan Buddhist monk spoke out against Chinese occupation

His captors made political prisoners pull ploughs as if they were “human yaks,” he said, and then beat them when they were too exhausted to work.

'Would you like fries with that?' Uber Eats reveals Perth's favourite treats

When Perth orders in it's for burritos and burgers, and yes, we'd like fries with that.

Island evacuates as tropical cyclone makes a comeback

A remote Indigenous community in the Gulf of Carpentaria has no cyclone shelter and is preparing to flee.

Market slump an opportunity because 'there's nothing terribly wrong'

The recent 13.2 per cent fall in the ASX 200 has caused us all to do some hard thinking.

I had better get it right this time: New Roo Tyson

New North Melbourne midfielder Dom Tyson has admitted that changing clubs twice already by the age of 25 has made him grow up quickly as a footballer.

Man fined after refusing to leave scene of house fire in Perth's east

A young father and his two children were asleep inside their home on Horwood Road when a candle sparked the blaze.

A 'no deal' Brexit would rock 2019 global outlook

The prospect of a 'no deal' Brexit looms larger, with unpleasant implications for the UK, EU and even global stability and growth.

Uber, Uber Eats apps crash on drivers, customers in worldwide outage

Users have taken to social media to vent their frustration and Uber's Twitter trouble-shooting account has gone into overdrive.

Faiths unite to review religious instruction in Queensland schools

More than a dozen faith groups have teamed up to review religious instruction materials to cut down on the workload of principals.

Could the British Fashion Awards be the best red carpet of this year?

And Meghan Duchess of Sussex made a surprise appearance on stage to honour her wedding designer.

Trump's climate adviser sparked protests, but he found a receptive audience in Australia

"No country should have to sacrifice their economic prosperity or energy security in pursuit of environmental sustainability," President Trump's international energy and climate adviser, Wells

Markets Live: ASX struggles in early afternoon

After jumping by nearly 30 points on opening, the S&P/ASX 200 index is now struggling to stay in the green flattening.

Defence contractor numbers explode, 31,925 given security clearances

Defence says it doesn't track how many contractors are working on its projects, but clearances tell the story.

Clarinet virtuoso and soloist with leading Sydney orchestras

Khouri even did a recording session with the Beatles at Abbey Road in London.

Country WA town folk rally around mum of four with cancer

A small WA town is rallying in a remarkable way in an effort to raise money for a much loved mother of four and community member who has brain cancer.

Australian Haydn Ensemble bids 2018 goodbye with Haydn's Farewell

Works by Mozart, Handel and J.C. Bach are also on the program