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Lester Holt delivers insights, laughs and a mean bass line

“We go to far-flung corners of the world and sometimes places in our own cities, and we shine that light, and we have the power to make people care and the power to make people act,” said "NBC Nightly

Apps on your phone might be tracking your every move. Here’s how to stop them.

Take a quick mental inventory of everything you did today.

'We are in a remarkable time': NYT chairman honored for service

In a Q&A with Poynter President Neil Brown, Sulzberger discussed his family’s role in international, national and local journalism, and got more than a few laughs from the audience of over 500.

What I learned about writing and storytelling from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

It’s been my habit, when faced with a question I cannot answer, to break into song.

'It means so much': Poynter's Bowtie Ball honors Lester Holt, Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

As the news industry wraps up a tumultuous year — one characterized by misinformation campaigns, attacks on press freedom and increased v

Gannett leadership: As CEO Bob Dickey departs, the company is at a crossroads

Having followed Gannett for 15 years as it has been the lead horse of the newspaper industry, I have two quick thoughts on

This journalist created a system to make sure more female experts got on air

Ros Atkins is a BBC anchor who was tired of "trying" to get more female experts on his programs. Trying was not enough, so he, without any directive from a boss, developed a way to increase the number

5 tips from Roland S. Martin on becoming an entrepreneur

“I’ve never seen more ignorant people about business than journalists,” Roland S.

Misinformers are moving to smaller platforms. So how should fact-checkers monitor them?

Around the world, misinformers are migrating to private groups, chats and fringe sites.

How to keep your personal information safe from creeps on the internet

Horrific events such as the shooting at the Capital Gazette and the pipe bomb sent to CNN’s New York offices show that it’s important for

Learning the ins and outs of the data world in Chicago

For some journalists, numbers can be daunting. Learning to better assess data can help reveal patterns that might spark a story idea.

We're launching a podcast about fact-checking and misinformation

Starting today, we’re tackling some of the biggest questions facing fact-checking in audio form.

Memo to Hollywood: Get real with movies about real people

The new movie about Gary Hart’s demise at the hands of the Miami Herald, “The Front Runner,” challenges media scrutiny of the personal li

French opposition parties are taking Macron’s anti-misinformation law to court

A new French anti-misinformation law is already receiving pushback.

This UNC student is a fourth-generation journalist carrying on the family tradition

There’s something entrancing about watching a 1974 Goss Community Press in action.