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Is Time Up for Zarif?

The foreign minister’s fall from grace was a long time coming.

There Is Still a Way Out of Venezuela’s Stalemate

Both sides should heed the lessons of negotiated transitions in Chile and South Africa to forge a peaceful path to democracy.

Hanoi Summit Has Tokyo Feeling Left Out

Japan worries its interests will be ignored in deal between U.S. and North Korea.
The Changing Face of North Korea

The Changing Face of North Korea

As Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump prepare for their second summit, is the country shedding its “Hermit Kingdom” image?

The Real North Korea Summit Is Inside the Trump Administration

It’s clear by now what North Korea is willing to offer in nuclear negotiations. The question is what the United States makes of it.

Will Iran Lose Its Last Link to the West?

If accepted, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s resignation may open the door to a new Iranian radicalism.

Here’s How the United States Can Keep Its Technological Edge

Washington needs to do more to foster and protect the country’s innovation ecosystem.

Pentagon Chief Weighs Broader Approach to Border Security

The military considers how best to use the 6,000 troops sent to the U.S.-Mexico border, who cannot legally stand in for CBP.

Iran Is Committing Suicide by Dehydration

The Islamic Republic’s corruption is draining the country of its most precious resource: water.
Are India and Pakistan on the Verge of a Water War?

Are India and Pakistan on the Verge of a Water War?

In reprisal for a deadly terrorist attack in Kashmir, the Indian government says it will divert river waters that downstream Pakistan has been counting on.

Security Brief: Trump, Kim Head to Vietnam; DOD’s Long Term Plans at the Border

U.S. leader seeks tangible progress on North Korean denuclearization at highly anticipated summit.

There’s More Bad News Than You Think

A new study finds some of the world’s biggest humanitarian disasters go virtually uncovered.

LGBT Kenyans’ Patience Has Gone Unrewarded

The Kenyan High Court has delayed deciding on decriminalizing homosexuality.

Roma es un homenaje hermoso a la opresión doméstica

La perturbadora elegancia del blanco y negro

‘Netanyahu Delegitimized Me’

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni discusses the upcoming Israeli election and why she bowed out.
Washington and the ‘Most Dangerous Place in the World’

Washington and the ‘Most Dangerous Place in the World’

Why the United States keeps getting South Asia wrong.

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Loves the European Far-Right

Recent spats aside, Israel’s right-wing government sees the illiberal nationalist leaders of Poland and Hungary as natural allies. They share a hostility toward human rights, Enlightenment values, and
For Kurdish Smugglers, Iran Sanctions Are Starting to Bite

For Kurdish Smugglers, Iran Sanctions Are Starting to Bite

The kolbars brave subfreezing temperatures and border guards’ bullets to carry heavy loads over the mountains in an unemployment-plagued region that Iran’s government has all but forgotten.
Our Best Weekend Reads

Our Best Weekend Reads

What to look for at next week’s meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, and trouble filling key U.S. government vacancies.
Britain’s Abandoned Black Soldiers

Britain’s Abandoned Black Soldiers

More than 600,000 Africans fought for Britain in World War II. Now they want a fair deal.