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Foreign Policy: news on page 33

Don’t Blame Everything on Erdogan

The Turkish government doesn’t have a soft spot for the Islamic State, and Ankara stands to lose more than anyone if the terrorist group makes a comeback.

Why the Indictment of the Lawyer at the Trump Tower Meeting Matters

Veselnitskaya is charged with obstructing justice—hand in glove with the Russian government.

This Is the Uprising Sudan’s Genocidal Dictator Always Feared

The country’s current protests include all sections of society—and may soon topple Omar al-Bashir’s entire regime.

Mike Pompeo Is Flying Solo in the Middle East

The Trump administration still lacks key ambassadors and senior diplomats to help tackle its biggest foreign-policy challenges.

African Leaders Must Act to Stop Electoral Fraud in Congo

South Africa and Angola have influence. They must use it to ensure that the Congolese government respects the will of voters.

The Problem With America’s Syria Policy Isn’t Trump. It’s Syria.

There’s a reason the current president’s approach to the war-torn country is as confused as Obama’s was. Syria is a no-win situation.

New Charges Against Russian Lawyer Who Met Trump Jr. Reveal Her Ties to Kremlin

Veselnitskaya saw no difference between her client and the Russian government, said a source close to the case.

Pentagon Industrial Policy Head Tapped for Chief of Staff

Acting defense secretary’s decision to tap Eric Chewning, who manages industrial policy for the Pentagon, is an olive branch to chief weapons buyer Ellen Lord.

Lawsuits Seek to Stop Censure of Israel Boycott Movement

The ACLU is fighting efforts by state legislatures to force contractors to pledge they won’t back BDS.

McFaul: Whelan’s Arrest Is ‘Very Strange’

The former U.S. ambassador to Russia says the former Marine's detention doesn’t fit the pattern of previous ones.

America’s Freedom of Navigation Operations Are Lost at Sea

Far wider measures are needed to challenge Beijing’s maritime aggression.
Nationalists of the World, Unite!

Nationalists of the World, Unite!

Yoram Hazony's work provides a global scaffolding for the new far-right.

While Trump Sows Confusion, It’s Business as Usual for U.S. Troops in Syria

Despite the rhetoric in Washington, the United States continues to conduct air and artillery strikes—and has not yet sent troops home.

Poland Is Trying to Make Abortion Dangerous, Illegal, and Impossible

Ireland voted to liberalize abortion laws. The far-right government in Warsaw is moving in the opposite direction.

Brazil’s Love Affair With Diplomacy Is Dead

A leader in liberal internationalism is about to turn its back on the world.

A New Cold War Has Begun

The United States and China will be locked in a contest for decades. But Washington can win if it stays more patient than Beijing.

The World Should Be Watching Bangladesh’s Election Debacle

The ruling party is making a mockery of the electoral process, pandering to Islamic extremists, and turning the country into an authoritarian state

Welcome to Congress. Here’s How to Run the World.

A crash course in international affairs for Washington’s newest arrivals.

No Smiles Across the Taiwan Strait

Wars of words leave peace a long way off — and more aggression on the table.

Paul Whelan’s Brother: Family Knew Little About His Interest in Russia

They learned about the Marine’s dishonorable discharge from media.