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The Welfare State Is Committing Suicide by Artificial Intelligence

Denmark is using algorithms to deliver benefits to citizens—and undermining its own democracy in the process.

Ever Cagey, Netanyahu Calls an Early Election He’s Expected to Win

The Israeli prime minister looks to get out ahead of legal and security threats to his tenure.

Erdogan’s Anti-Semitism Will Sink Turkey’s Economy

The Turkish president’s racist conspiracy theories are a threat to economic stability.
Goodbye War on Terror, Hello China and Russia

Goodbye War on Terror, Hello China and Russia

Five Reads: The best Foreign Policy stories of 2018 on defense and security.
The Day After the Iranian Nuclear Deal

The Day After the Iranian Nuclear Deal

Five Reads: The best Foreign Policy stories of 2018 on Iran.

The Hazard of Environmental Morality

Efforts to combat climate change should be pragmatic above all else.

Boeing’s Pentagon Takeover

Patrick Shanahan, a former executive for the aerospace giant, is poised to take over for Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

U.S. Sanctions on Iran Will Harm Iraq

Baghdad is heavily dependent on trade with Tehran. Without an exemption from Washington, Iraqis—and the stability of the country—will suffer.

Sanctions Are Just the Beginning for Iran

The economic blow to Tehran will be compounded if it fails to comply with global financial transparency rules.

Mattis Had a Mixed Record

An honorable public servant leaves behind a messy legacy.

France’s Existential Loneliness in Syria

Emmanuel Macron’s responsibilities in the Middle East’s biggest war are about to grow beyond his ability to fulfill them.

How Russian Money Helped Save Trump’s Business

After his financial disasters two decades ago, no U.S. bank would touch him. Then foreign money began flowing in.

Mattis’s Resignation Isn’t a Crisis Yet—But It Probably Will Be

The U.S. secretary of defense was right to resign in protest, but Trump can’t handle the consequences.

Trump Leaves Behind Mess for Afghans to Clean Up

Reports of the withdrawal of U.S. troops took Afghans by surprise. And it gives the Taliban exactly what they want.

Good Riddance to America’s Syria Policy

As usual, Donald Trump has done the right thing in the wrong way.

With Mattis Gone, Is Trump Unleashed?

The defense secretary once restrained him, but now the president has free rein over U.S. foreign policy.
2018 Was a Long Women’s March Through Congress

2018 Was a Long Women’s March Through Congress

It was a year of quiet, but major, progress for women’s issues in the U.S. government—and 2019 promises even more.

Mattis Quits Over Differences With Trump

The U.S. defense secretary’s resignation comes after the president’s decision to pull troops from Syria.

The United States v. Godkiller (et al.)

U.S. prosecutors indict two Chinese nationals in huge hacking campaign.

A Win (Sort of) for Mattis on Syria

Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops vindicates the Pentagon’s strategy on ISIS.