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Teenagers Are Easily Bypassing Apple's Parental Controls

"Kids are outsmarting an army of engineers from Cupertino, California," reports the Washington Post:And Apple, which introduced "Screen Time" a year ago in response to pressure to address phone

40% Of America's Schools Have Now Dropped Their SAT/ACT Testing Requirement

"A record number" of U.S. schools are now accepting nearly all of their students without requiring an SAT or ACT test score, reports the Washington Post:Robert A. Schaeffer, public education director

Is AT&T Hiding A Widespread Voicemail Outage?

Though people can still leave voicemail messages, "Some AT&T customers say they have not had access to their voicemail since the beginning of October," one local news site reported this week:An

CNBC: Amazon Is Shipping Expired Food

Counterfeits aren't the only problem when shopping on Amazon, reports CNBC. The grocery section is "littered" with expired foods.From baby formula and coffee creamer to beef jerky and granola bars,

Project Trident Ditches BSD For Linux

Project Trident is moving from FreeBSD to Void Linux, reports Its FOSS:According to a later post, the move was motivated by long-standing issues with FreeBSD. These issues include "hardware

Privacy-Respecting Smart Home System Can Work Offline and Sends Fake Data

A publicly-funded group of designers, artists and privacy experts from Amsterdam have designed a smart home system prototype to "prove it's technically possible to build a privacy respecting smart

WAV Audio Files Are Now Being Used To Hide Malicious Code

JustAnotherOldGuy quotes ZDNet: Two reports published in the last few months show that malware operators are experimenting with using WAV audio files to hide malicious code. The first of these new

Mozilla is Sharing YouTube Horror Stories To Prod Google For More Transparency

CNET reports on a new crowdsourced public awareness campaign: Mozilla is publishing anecdotes of YouTube viewing gone awry -- anonymous stories from people who say they innocently searched for one

'How I Compiled My Own SPARC CPU In a Cheap FPGA Board'

Long-time Slashdot reader ttsiod works for the European Space Agency as an embedded software engineer. He writes:After reading an interesting article from an NVIDIA engineer about how he used a

Mathematician Solves 48-Year-Old Problem, Finds New Way To Multiply

An anonymous reader quotes Popular Mechanics: An assistant professor from the University of New South Wales Sydney in Australia has developed a new method for multiplying giant numbers together that's

Vandal Who Keyed A Tesla Discovers That It Filmed Him

For the third time, someone who vandalized a Tesla discovered that the car's "Sentry Mode" had filmed them -- and after the video went viral online, decided to turn themselves in. An anonymous reader

Facebook Forges Ahead With Libra Despite Some Major Setbacks

"Facebook is facing a lot of pushback for Libra, its proposed cryptocurrency, but that's not stopping the social media giant from forging ahead," reports the Motley Fool:Earlier this week, it

Mercedes-Benz App Glitch Exposed Car Owners' Information To Other Users

An anonymous reader quotes TechCrunch: Mercedes-Benz car owners have said that the app they used to remotely locate, unlock and start their cars was displaying other people's account and vehicle

Samsung Won't Support Linux on DeX Once Android 10 Arrives

An anonymous reader quotes Engadget:If you've been using Linux on DeX (aka Linux on Galaxy) to turn your Samsung phone into a PC, you'll need to make a change of plans. Samsung is warning users that

8chan's Original Founder Is Now Urging ISPs To Keep The Site Offline

8chan's current owner is still having trouble getting the site back online -- and that's due at least partly to lobbying against 8chan by the site's original founder:In early August, web security

Alphabet's 'Wing' Finally Launches America's First Drone Delivery Service, Beating Amazon

An anonymous reader quotes Newsweek:Wing, an offshoot of Google parent company Alphabet, officially launched its drone delivery service Friday, delivering a FedEx package -- a birthday gift for Susie

Nissan's Next Electric Car Could Also Provide Power To Your Home

From a report:The owner of an electric car will be able to meet household power needs from the vehicle itself based on a technology developed by Nissan, the Japanese auto giant. It plans to introduce

Is Andrew Yang Wrong About Robots Taking Our Jobs?

U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang "is full of it," argues Slate's senior business and economics correspondent, challenging Yang's contention (in a debate Tuesday) that American jobs were being

'How Andrew Yang Would Fix The Internet'

For the "Privacy Project" newsletter of the New York Times, opinion writer Charlie Warzel interviewed U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Their far-ranging conversation covered everything from

Is America's Federal Banking System Considering Its Own Digital Cryptocurrency?

America's lawmakers and Federal Reserve officials "are so concerned about Facebook's plans to launch a new digital currency," reports Politico's financial services reporter, "that they're