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Huawei reports increased sales despite US sanctions

Huawei's latest quarterly results show that the Chinese company is doing just fine, despite ongoing trade issues with America. Third-quarter revenue is up 24.4 percent on the same period last year,

First major ‘World of Warcraft Classic’ update adds Dire Maul dungeon

World of Warcraft Classic was (re)released just a short time ago, but there's already more stuff to do. Blizzard has added the three-part Dire Maul dungeon, jammed with elves, ogres and other bad

SpaceX is requesting permission to launch 30,000 more Starlink satellites

The SpaceX Starlink constellation may end up almost four times bigger than what the company originally planned. According to SpaceNews, the company has asked the International Telecommunication Union

'League of Legends: Wild Rift' will land on mobile and consoles in 2020

Riot Games is launching League of Legends: Wild Rift on Android, iOS and consoles in 2020 -- along with a few other new games. Reports about a mobile game meant to expand LoL's reach in Asia started

Riot celebrates ten years of 'LoL' by finally announcing new games

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of League of Legends, Riot Games is celebrating its hit title by expanding the franchise -- and more. That includes League of Legends: Wild Rift, a 5v5 version of

Watch Tesla's crash test lab wreck Model 3s to make them safer

Despite what Elon Musk may think of media coverage when it comes to Tesla accidents, we don't want to see the company's EVs smashing into anything. This time, Tesla is giving everyone a look at how

Twitter outlines when it would restrict world leaders' tweets

Twitter is shedding more light on its approach to restricting world leaders' tweets -- not that it'll satisfy everyone. The social network stressed in a blog post that leaders "are not above our

TiVo's 'free' streaming service starts rolling out

TiVo's leap into streaming services is underway. The DVR creator has started rolling out TiVo+ to users, who should see it pop up on their devices in the "next few weeks." The service is 'free' for

NASA demos spacesuits for its Moon and Mars missions

Today, NASA revealed the two spacesuits that it will use for its Project Artemis. It shared a video of a spacesuit engineer wearing a bulky, red-white-and-blue suit that will be used for work on the

Facebook expands its reward program for data abuse reports

Facebook is broadening its data abuse bounty program to reward more security sleuths. As of today, researchers can earn at least $500 when they find Facebook data vulnerabilities in third-party apps

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio launches this fall with 1,000 tracks

Sony isn't letting Dolby corner the market on positional audio. Today, the electronics giant announced that 360 Reality Audio, its immersive listening technology that debuted at CES, is officially

Instagram gives you more control over data shared with third-party apps

Instagram has been tightening the reins on third-party apps for a while, and now it's putting more of that control in your hands. It's adding more powerful controls over data sharing that let you

Logitech unveils its first mouse and keyboard built for Chrome OS

Now that the Pixelbook Go is here, you might want a mouse and keyboard to go with it. Logitech, unsurprisingly, is happy to oblige -- the company has unveiled its first Made for Google devices, the

'Control' will let you photograph its beautiful Brutalist setting

Remedy Entertainment's Control quickly found a fanbase thanks in part to its strikingly eerie design. One of the most-requested features from players is a photo mode to help them capture the Oldest

Google's Daydream VR experiment is over

Google is bringing the Daydream VR experiment to a close. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones it announced today don't support the platform, and it won't sell Daydream View headsets anymore. The

Here's everything Google announced at the Pixel 4 event

Pixelbook GoDespite all of the leaks ahead of Google's Pixel 4 hardware event today, the company still had plenty to share. Of course, we got our first official look at the Pixelbook Go and Pixel

Google is adding new Nest routines to further automate your home

While a lot of today was about new hardware, Nest also made time to talk about how its devices will work within the Works with Google Assistant platform the company announced in August. In a blog post

Netflix reveals its huge lineup of holiday movies and specials

Netflix is full of holiday spirit this year. to say the least. It's revealed its massive lineup of holiday movies and specials. Among them is a release date for the third installment in the popular

Pixel 4 won't come with free full-resolution photo storage

Ever since Google unveiled the first Pixel, people who bought one of the company's phones could expect free full-resolution photo and video storage, at least for a few years. You won't have that

A closer look at the new Google Pixel Buds

We weren't really expecting Google to debut the long-awaited follow-up to its Pixel Buds here at its hardware event today, but the company surprised us. It unveiled the new headphones (with no "2"