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Pinterest makes it easier for groups to organize and react to their boards

Pinterest is making it easier to figure out your Group Board collaborators' thoughts when you're working on projects together. Starting this week, the social network will make it possible to "react"

BioWare hopes to fix 'Anthem' by swapping acts for seasonal updates

It's no secret that Anthem has had a lukewarm response. Dodgy game mechanics and various other bugs meant that developer BioWare published a blog post less than a month after its release, sharing its

Oppo's next phone can be fully charged in just 30 minutes

While a handful of recent flagship phones -- namely Samsung's Note 10+ (with the optional 45W adapter) and Vivo's NEX 3 5G -- can be fully charged in a little over an hour, Oppo's upcoming tech will

Fossil's latest hybrid watch is likely powered by Wear OS

Back in January Google announced its plans to buy Fossil's smartwatch technology. Now, after a report by Wareable revealed that the deal involved the acquisition of the movements used in hybrid

Sonos Move review: Versatility doesn't come cheap

It's late September, but still technically summer, so I'm writing this on my back deck, listening to the first Sonos speaker built to be used outside. The Move represents a number of firsts for Sonos:

ZenBook Pro Duo review: ASUS makes a case for dual-screen laptops

ASUS already paved the way for dual-screen laptops with last year's ScreenPad on the ZenBook Pro, but now it's taking the concept to another level with the ZenBook Pro Duo. It's a powerful 15-inch

Starbucks Japan wants customers to pay for coffee with pens

Starbucks Japan sells a range of NFC-enabled goods and accessories linked to a digital wallet, which you can use to pay for your purchase. Unlike Costa's NFC-enabled cups in the UK, though, those

Facebook's $149 Portal TV turns your television into a giant smart display

Last year, Facebook made its first foray into hardware with the Portal and Portal+ smart displays, which featured an AI-powered camera that could track your movements. Facebook's sketchy reputation on

North's smart glasses are now available across the US

One of the greatest obstacles to buying North's smart glasses has simply been to find them. They've only been available at the company's Brooklyn and Toronto flagship stores as well as its pop-ups,

Huge leak spoils Huawei's Mate 30 event

It doesn't look like Huawei has any more surprises left up its sleeve ahead of its Mate 30 launch event tomorrow. Yesterday, renders of the whole phone range leaked, now real-life images have emerged

OpenAI experiment proves that even bots cheat at hide-and-seek

Can artificial intelligence evolve and become more sophisticated when put in a competitive world, similar to how life on Earth evolved through competition and natural selection? That's a question the

The Morning After: Preparing for Google's Pixel 4 event

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro aren't even here yet, but we're already looking forward to Google's Pixel 4 event. In the meantime, HP is showing off a very light

Fortnite's new 'Party Hub' feature gives mobile players a voice

Fortnite recently united players with updates that everyone hated equally, but today it unveiled an app that will literally bring players together. Party Hub is an all-new cross-platform voice chat

Intrigue at the Nurburgring as Tesla unofficially beats Porsche's fastest lap

When Porsche beat the Nurburgring lap record for a four-door EV, it was sending a message to rival Tesla: "Hey, 2-second 0-60mph acceleration times are cool, but how long can your brakes, motor, tires

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has 23 percent more battery capacity than the Pro

When you check the iPhone 11 model's technical specs on Apple's website, you won't see specific information about its RAM and battery capacity. Those are information you'd usually discover later when

Google Assistant gets new voice options in nine more languages

Google Assistant users outside the US haven't had much choice when it comes to voice options -- until now, as Google launches a second voice for Assistant in French, German, Dutch, Japanese,

Pinterest's latest Lens update makes it easier to buy items in your photos

Online shopping can be daunting, especially if you're looking for one very specific type of item. Rather than search for "green Jaipur tapestry" or "blue plaid button-down shirt", it might be easier

HP's new ultrawide monitor can show two device's screens at once

In addition to a super light laptop, HP also unveiled an intriguing new ultrawide curved monitor today. Creatively named S430c, the 43.4-inch screen isn't the sharpest or most attractive external
HP Elite Dragonfly hands-on: A really light business notebook

HP Elite Dragonfly hands-on: A really light business notebook

HP is chasing superlatives again. Last year, the company launched the Spectre Folio -- the first laptop made out of leather. It also trotted out the first 15-inch laptop with an AMOLED screen at CES

Chinese retailers abruptly stop selling Juul e-cigarettes

It appears Juul's fortunes are about to get even worse. Bloomberg reports retailers in China have pulled the company's products just one week after they became available within the country. Citing a