Speed Hunters

It’s Okay To Like Low Cars

These methods are generally shaped over the course of our lifetimes and are influenced by our surroundings, upbringings, friends and family. There is no right or wrong way (within reason I suppose,

Britain Meets Japan In A Restomod MG

You see, it’s very easy to picture yourself dropping the top and blasting down a narrow country lane with the wind blowing in your hair and picnic basket in the back, but you’ve actually got to make

Automotive Magic: SH Live With Dynamo

So there I was announcing my happy return to Speedhunters after a few months spent working behind the scenes on Need for Speed Heat, when Mother Nature felt a need to intervene. Just days after

Accidentally Building The World’s Wildest M2

This BWW M2 was supposed to be a road car to demonstrate the products and services that Tyspeed in New Jersey offer. It sounds simple enough, but fast forward 24 months and Tyler is hurtling up one of

‘Til Death Do Us Part: The Perfect Impala

Román Macias has gasoline running through his blood and an infatuation with muscle cars in his genes. His father was in high school in the ’60s when Chevelles and Camaros were just about the coolest

Rediscovering The True Meaning Of A Road Trip

It only takes a few words to get me excited. Traversing local backroads instead of boring expressways, discovering the side of a country that normally isn’t highlighted by travel sites, and doing it

Tuning Like It’s 1999

Moral was low, and in our desperation we sought out and bought into every last rumor that automotive publications and the odd blog were throwing around at the time. We lived in hope and anticipation,

Squared Up: A Dumped Down Chevy C10

Looking at today’s custom car scene, ‘subtle’ isn’t a word that comes to mind with many builds. Most of the time, it’s about wider arches, bigger turbos and everything in between. Although these

SEMA 2019: TE37 All Of The Things

As Mark continued his photographic assault on the year’s biggest and wildest automotive trade show, this is one question that popped into our minds. I mean, we’re talking about a wheel design that was

Project NSX: Dreams Of Power – Part Two

In Project NSX: Dreams Of Power – Part One we had the Honda’s engine out for some hardware upgrades and a general freshen up to improve power and reliability of the 27-year-old C30A. Since then the

Let Your Inner Tuner Customize Away

Not only does the new game allow for total customization of bodywork, paint, decals and liveries, its extensive use of real-world parts from some of our favorite brands, means you can actually create

Baywatch: SEMA Edition

Okay, maybe I’m a little bit jealous of our own Team Brexit enjoying the Nevada sunshine, the neon lights and the general positive vibes of Sin City, but I don’t envy the mammoth effort required just

Project Cars: Knowing When To Stop

Firstly, I’m about to talk about why it’s important to know when to stop messing about with a car, so that pretty much renders the 106 useless as a project. And secondly, despite the Peugeot popping

The A90 Supras Of SEMA

It’s hardly surprising then that after such anticipation, SEMA 2019 could easily be mistaken for A90 SupraFest instead. Our team on the ground counted over 30 examples during load-in and the main hall

The Olympic Games Of Motorsport Has Arrived

Last weekend at Vallelunga Circuit near Rome, motorsport was celebrated in many of its forms. Categories like GT, touring cars, Formula 4, karting, drifting and eSports brought together competitors

The 72 Hours Before SEMA

The past 72 hours have involved a trip from London to Los Angeles, lots of sleep deprivation, and a handful of photoshoots in various locations across a couple of states. Usually we’d have Dino on

Essence Of Style

In 2018, the three separate trips I took to LA ended adding up to me spending over 10% of the year in this sprawling, urban city. A paradise that sits in a coastal basin with canyon-laden mountains

Visiting Japan? Don’t Forget The Cars…

I’ve been attracted to Japanese cars since my childhood. I was born in the ’80s and was a typical teenager in ’90s growing up with video games filled with high performance Japanese cars. This is how

Mr. K’s Personal 240Z

On February 19, 2015, the automotive world was shocked by the passing of one of the most influential figures in its history. Known most notably for his achievements as president of Nissan USA, Mr.

Icons Over Coffee

Some might say it is just a petrolhead-themed café and bar, but C&M is also an art gallery, an inn, and much more. You never know what is going to pop in at any moment, and this spontaneity gives