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NY Times: Well Blog: news on page 73

Antioxidants Don’t Ease Muscle Soreness After Exercise

Supplements like cherry and pomegranate juice, vitamins C and E, and black tea extract did little to alleviate post-exercise muscle aches.

Must I Keep This Useless Gift?

And: the price of end-of-life care, socializing with new parents, and a bystander’s stance on everyday sexism.

Want a Better Workout? Just Breathe

Experts who usually specialize in extreme exercise are noticing that breathwork can help with endurance and recuperation. And stress, of course.

Resolutions of a Cancer Doctor

My mother’s cancer diagnosis gave me the opportunity to approach my patients with a new resolve in the coming year.

Disney Hotels, Citing Safety and Other Reasons, Drop ‘Do Not Disturb’ Signs

The policy change requires a hotel employee to enter every room daily. And Disney is not the only hotel to reassess the signs recently.

When the Lung Cancer Patient Climbs Mountains

A gene therapy clinical trial enabled a Stage IV lung cancer patient to summit a peak in the Himalayas.

Modern Love Podcast: Margarita Levieva Reads ‘In the New Year, More Cuddling’

On this week’s podcast, the actress shares one woman’s radical approach to conquering a fear of intimacy.

The Hospital Gown Gets a Modest Makeover

The ubiquitous chilly, exposing garment has been redesigned for more style and privacy.

Working Out With Charles Glass, a Trainer to the Stars

In the 1980s, Mr. Glass was a champion bodybuilder. Now he helps sculpt celebrities and bodybuilders at the Gold’s Gym in Venice, Calif.

How I Learned to Look Believable

Sometimes all you can control is what’s on the outside.

This Cat Sensed Death. What if Computers Could, Too?

Can we teach a computer to predict when it’s time to say goodbye?

When Old News Is Good News: The Effect of 6 Elderly New Yorkers on One Middle-Aged Reporter

No work I have ever done has brought me as much joy and hope, or changed my outlook on life as profoundly.

Exercise Alters Our Microbiome. Is That One Reason It’s So Good for Us?

Lean people were especially responsive to exercise’s effects on the bacterial makeup of our guts.

Afraid of Falling? For Older Adults, the Dutch Have a Cure

The Dutch, like people elsewhere, are living longer than in previous generations. Courses that teach fall prevention, and how to fall correctly, are gaining popularity.

Obesity Is the Main Contributor to Diabetes in Blacks and Whites

Blacks are almost twice as likely to develop Type 2 diabetes as whites. Obesity is the reason, a new study reports.

Olivia Wilde Doesn’t Do a Painted-on Face

The actress is all about finding natural products that work.

Teenagers, Stop Asking for Nude Photos

A new study of girls’ experiences with sexting found that over two-thirds had been asked to send explicit images.

18 Years Into the New Millennium, Finding My Younger Self

None of my efforts to break old habits will add one day to my life, but I’m experiencing some of the passion I felt in the first 18 years of my life.

They Took On the Food Giants — and Won

For decades, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has worked to influence public policy on nutrition.

Why Children Play With Fire, and How to Stop Them

Preschoolers and kindergartners are most likely to start fires caused by play, and are most likely to die in them, according to the National Fire Protection Association.