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NY Times: Well Blog

Marijuana Edibles May Pose Special Risks

Edibles induced a disproportionate number of pot-related medical crises, an analysis of emergency room admissions in Colorado found.

Heal Me With Plants

Gentle gardening helps patients at some hospitals relax and recover.

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson Settle Lawsuits Over Xarelto, a Blood Thinner, for $775 Million

The settlement resolves about 25,000 lawsuits, which claimed the companies failed to warn about deadly bleeding episodes caused by the drug.

The Risks to Babies of Older Fathers

Most women know that reproductive risks to themselves and their babies rise as they get older, but few men realize that their advancing years may also confer a risk.

Reading to Your Toddler? Print Books Are Better Than Digital Ones

“The tablet itself made it harder for parents and children to engage in the rich back-and-forth turn-taking that was happening in print books,” a researcher said.

An Alzheimer’s Drug Trial Gave Me Hope, and Then It Ended

I was a small piece in the search to find a cure. Now I feel as if I’m getting erased, and medical science doesn’t have any answers.

For Urinary Incontinence, Try Behavioral Treatments or Drugs, or Both

Bladder training, biofeedback and other behavioral therapies may work even better in combination with drugs.

Seeing Myself Through My Child’s Eyes

As a working mom of four, I often feel as if it is impossible to ever be enough. But our children may judge us more generously than we judge ourselves.

My Temporary Hoarding Habit

When my daughter was hospitalized for cancer treatment, I began collecting leftover condiments and medical supplies in an effort to control something in our uncontrollable world.

When Chivalry Is More Control Than Care

After a breakup, a woman wonders if traditional romance is a trap, and finds that the ordinary is the most romantic gesture of all.

In Honor of Seven Bridges

As a patient who grappled with an ostomy, I grieved the suicide of a 10-year-old whose family said he was bullied for having one.

Sugary Drinks Tied to Shorter Life Span

“The optimal intake of these drinks is zero,” said one expert. “They have no health benefits.”

A User Guide for Your Knees

A knee is designed to withstand millions of steps during a lifetime, but sometimes all that stress can have ill effects. Here’s how to care for and use your knees for many years to come.

A Dating App for Three, Plus

Nonmonogamous coupling — and “thruppling” — has been lubricated by the internet.

On Wintry Runs, Finding a Room of My Own

When I go running in slush and snow, ideas can break loose and float to the surface like little ice floes.

States Seek Financial Relief for Family Caregivers

Lawmakers in California and at least seven other states want to provide state income tax credits for families that need help with home caregiving.

Why Lifting Weights Can Be So Potent for Aging Well

People who discovered that they enjoyed and felt capable of completing a weight-training session subsequently joined a new gym and showed up for workouts.