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Key Nutrients Tied to Better Brain Connectivity in Older Adults

Source: Psych CentralOlder adults with high levels of key nutrients in their blood exhibit more efficient brain connectivity and perform better on cognitive tests, according to a new study published

Japan Court Upholds Sterilization to Register Gender Change

Source: U.S. News and World ReportJapan's Supreme Court has upheld a law that effectively requires transgender people to be sterilized before they can have their gender changed on official documents.

Companies Navigate Dementia Conversations with Older Workers

Source: Yahoo News - ScienceFaced with an aging American workforce, companies are increasingly navigating delicate conversations with employees grappling with cognitive declines, experts say.

What the Death of a Child Does to Parents, Mentally and Physically

Source: Yahoo News - ScienceThough parents mourning the loss of a child experience classic psychological, biological, and social grief responses, there are unique challenges.

UK Could Ban Social Media Over Suicide Images, Minister Warns

Source: BBC News - UK NewsSocial media firms could be banned if they fail to remove harmful content, the health secretary has warned.

Climate Change Already Harming Human Health, Review Shows

Source: CNN - HealthClimate change could "halt and reverse" progress made in human health over the last century.

The Monk Who Taught the World Mindfulness Awaits End of This Life

Source: Time MagazineThe father of mindfulness returns home to transition to the next life.

Researchers Reveal New Risk Factor for Poor Mental Health

Source: Medical News TodayMany people across the world were exposed to lead, a toxic metal, as children. It turns out this exposure may have affected their mental health in adulthood.

South Korean Men Lead the World's Male Beauty Market

Source: CNN - Top StoriesSouth Korean men have long embraced beauty products deemed unmarketable to their Western counterparts. Over the past decade, they have become the world's biggest male spenders

Stress May Raise the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Source: Medical News TodayA Danish population-based study finds a strong link between psychological distress and the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Family Doctors Guided on Care for Transgender Teens

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Company - Health NewsHealth of people who are transgender, a community that sees high rates of depression, focus of Canadian medical journal's special issue.

Swedish Teen Takes Climate Activism to Jet-Setters in Davos

Source: U.S. News and World ReportThere aren't many people who spend 32 hours on a train and sleep in a tent for an annual meetup of global elites, but a Swedish teenager emerging as her generation's

Type 2 Diabetes Before 40 Tied to Mental Illness Hospitalizations

Source: U.S. News and World ReportPeople who develop type 2 diabetes before they turn 40 are twice as likely to be hospitalized for mental illness as those who develop the blood sugar disease after

Angola Decriminalizes Same-Sex Conduct

Source: U.S. News and World ReportAngola decriminalizes same-sex conduct, bars orientation-based bias, rights group says.

Record Number of Americans "Very Worried" About Climate Change

Source: CNN - US NewsMore Americans now say that climate change is a real threat to themselves and others, following a trend of mounting public concern around global warming.

Targeted Cognitive Training Can Aid Those with Severe Schizophrenia

Source: Psych CentralA new study shows that targeted cognitive training (TCT) benefits patients with severe schizophrenia, improving verbal learning and auditory perception while lessening the

How China Is Reinventing Urban Architecture to Go Green

Source: Yahoo News - ScienceChina is a land of contrasts. The rural parts of the country are known for beautiful, green expanses...

What Are the Keys to Effective Leadership?

Source: U.S. News and World ReportAt a time when inspiring leadership is mostly absent in national politics, it's paradoxically never been more central to the cultural discussion just about everywhere

Man with Alice-in-Wonderland Syndrome Sees Icons Leap Off Screen

Source: Yahoo News - ScienceAt first, the man couldn't believe his eyes. The icons on his desktop computer were slowly jumping out of his monitor, hovering in the space between him and the screen. For

"Make Love, Not CO2," Urge Swiss Students in Climate March

Source: Yahoo News - ScienceThousands of school children and university students across Switzerland skipped class on Friday to march in the streets and demand climate action, telling politicians