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Jacquard by Google: When Tech meets Fashion

Skip a song by swiping your sleeve. Take a picture by tapping on your shoulder strap. Get reminded about your phone you left behind with a blink of light or a haptic buzz on your cuff… For a few years

A Furniture Collection that looks like 3D Objects

Take any 3D software, use the cylinder shape, bend it, slice it and merge it with other forms and you will have something similar to the Kosa Collection by Ian Felton – Don’t get us wrong, we like it!

Mororo: A Modern Farm with a Brazilian Twist

São Paulo based architecture studio Studio MK27 have been constantly seeking to fulfill the task of rethinking and giving continuity to this iconic architectural movement. Founded in the late 70’s,

What’s Inside Marble Statues

Chinese sculptor Cao Hui had already made a deep impression on people in the past with disembowelled and fierce objects. This time, he chooses antique sculptures like Venus de Milo and David by
Bianca Wilson’s City Landscapes

Bianca Wilson’s City Landscapes

Bianca Wilson is an Australian painter inspired by architectural forms of her hometown – Sydney – and other cities she visited such as Osaka and Tokyo. Her soft-shade yet sharp and angular artworks

Jasper Abels Shots ‘Cool Twins’ in his latest Fashion Stories

Based between Paris and Amsterdam, fashion photographer Jasper Abels sent us his latest work, and wow, we loved it! Especially his new story created for Stylist UK, featuring the musicians Bloom

Il Palazzo Experimental Hotel [ Venice]

Il Palazzo Experimental takes place in an Ancient Palazzo : Ca Molin, an ancient house turned then into Adriatica’s Headquarters (Naval Transport Company) until they closed. The Palazzo offers 32

Jose Dávila’s Stone and Concrete Totems [Berlin]

Mexican sculptor trained architect Jose Dávila’s work originates from the symbolic languages that function within art history and Western visual culture. With strong sculptural languages, they

Your Dream Home in Nature

Cities are becoming increasingly busy, the pollution and global warming are pushing us to go back to a more simple life, and all these factors are the reasons Architects from around the world are

Forget Me Not “Reversible” Blankets Collection

For their latest Blankets collection “Reversible”, Forget Me Not used advanced Jacquard weaving techniques, bringing an original depth and texture to their design range. Always dedicated to providing

Premium Swedish Slippers by Inabo

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Haris Epaminonda “VOL. XXVII, 2019” Installation [Venice Biennale]

Cypriot-born, Berlin-based artist Haris Epaminonda plays with form and composition in her award-winning installation at the 58th Venice Biennale – The artist works with found materials such as
Holistic Aqua Health Clinic [Beijing]

Holistic Aqua Health Clinic [Beijing]

Traditional Chinese medicine with a twist inspired the interior of Aqua Health Clinic in Beijing. In the reception, the visitors come across a see through desk filled with moss and dried plants,

Jennifer Murphy: “In The Shadow Of Sirius” [Collages]

You must already know how fan of mixed-media collages we are – Well, it is always a great joy when we discover new artist like Canadian collage artist, Jennifer Murphy – Especially when the artworks

A New Kind of Furniture at Irish Design Firm: Orior Furniture

“Distinctive furniture designs in elegant shapes and vibrant colors”. The tagline of Orior Furniture – a small Irish firm that took its showroom to Tribeca – says it all about brand’s approach.

Stunning Natural Handcrafted Soaps from Malta

Visual identity for Natural Handcrafted Soaps was designed by Projet Noir – Malta-based creative studio. Focused on utility and the idea of reflecting soaps’ natural ingredients, the packaging is pure

Hidden: Exploring Connections Between Form and Elemental Forces

Inspired by the debut couture collection of fashion designer Vincent Lapp, DBLG’s film, “Hidden” who won Nick Knight’s SHOWStudio Fashion Film Award, explores the connection between form and elemental

Monarch Butterfly Arriving for the Day Of The Dead in Michoacán [México]

Every year, for so long, the arrival of millions of monarchs butterfly arrives at the same time as the day of dead in Michoacán México, is it accidental? In this stunning video clip ‘Day Of The Dead

Mysterious Celebration “La Diablada” Captured by Gaby Herbstein

Argentinian photographer Gaby Herbstein captured the essence of “La Diablada” (Dance of the Demons) in her recent series that documents the wonderful and popular celebration that takes place every

A Look Behind the Casting Directors’ Curtain

We just received this wonderful short film from South African casting agency, DISCO, showcasing in a superb way, what’s happening in the strange and wonderful world of casting direction… The post A