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16-inch MacBook Pro will pack more screen into the same space

The rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro will take a page out of the iPhone X’s playbook. According to a new report, it will slim down its bezels to include a larger LCD display in the “same body” as the

5G expected to feature in all 2020 iPhone models

5G connectivity will feature in all three iPhone models launching next year, according to a new research note from a trusted analyst. Apple has reportedly made the feature a priority as an increasing

Anti-meme law could punish image sharers with massive fines

Memes are a core part of online life, providing us with an internationally understood means of visual conversation allowing folks to make light of the absurdity of today’s world with co-opted images

Best iPad Pro keyboard cases for people on the go [Reviews]

Add a keyboard to your iPad Pro and it becomes a powerful but extremely portable laptop. So many people see the potential that companies make an array of keyboard cases. The range of designs gives

Even more new iPad models could be in the pipeline

Two more Apple tablets were added to a Eurasian intergovernmental agency’s database. This pushes the number of mystery iPads expected soon up to seven. So far, this database has been a very accurate

The best weather, privacy, voice and podcast apps this week

This week we slide-over the forecast with Carrot Weather, lock down our internet connections with the Lockdown firewall, relax at the airport with Flighty, edit our voice memos with Just Press

Go airborne with a beginner-friendly, DJI-powered affordable drone [Deals]

Almost everyone wants to fly, and with drones, playing around in the air is easier than ever. But it’s not a cheap hobby, and if you’re a newbie, it can be intimidating — and even dangerous. This DJI

Kanex USB-C hub becomes part of your iPad Pro [Review]

Kanex’s USB-C hub clips solidly to the side of your 2018 iPad Pro, adding HDMI and USB-A ports, dual memory card readers, and even a 3.5mm audio jack. It can be used alongside Apple’s popular keyboard

Apple Lisa, transformed! [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 307]

An Apple fan who turned a broken Lisa computer into a powerful machine explains how he dragged the vintage machine into the 21st century in this week’s issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. Grab the free mag

Contemporary leather cuff makes Apple Watch ultra-comfortable

Look no further than this contemporary leather cuff if you want an Apple Watch band that’s super-stylish and insanely comfortable. It’s Monowear’s most comfortable band yet, and it’s available now

Score the Bluetooth speaker that looks like a flask [Deals]

It’s handy to have a Bluetooth speaker you can take with you. But honestly, they’re not exactly stylish, so this flask-shaped speaker offers a hip, discrete way to carry your tunes around with you.

Siri accidentally overhears more than we realize

It’s been widely reported that voice control systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri use people in their quality-improvement process, not just algorithms. But Siri and others might

Apple’s smart moves start to pay off in India

Apple has a slender percentage of Indian handset sales, but there’s cause for optimism. We spoke with Anshika Jain, an analyst at Counterpoint Research, to see whether the changes Apple has been

Quirky smartphone case frees you from tyranny of the touchscreen

We can press and swipe our way to productivity with the touch screen on a smartphone. But the nerve endings in our fingers still long for the tactile engagement – that click – from pressing a button.

Apple’s big spend on Intel modems is pocket change in Silicon Valley [Opinion]

The $1 billion Apple spent on Intel’s modem business is the second-largest acquisition in the company’s 42-year history. Still, while a huge amount of money by most normal standards, rival tech giants

Finally, iOS 13 can create reminders from Mail

In iOS 13, Reminders can create events from Mail and Safari text, and also add more than one item to a list via Siri. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

5 key things to watch for in Apple’s most boring earnings report of 2019

The most yawn-inducing Apple earnings call of the year is just days away, and Wall Street is eagerly anticipating the results — though maybe for reasons you wouldn’t expect. Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO

Say goodbye to Sprint! T-Mobile merger gets green light

The US Department of Justice just signed off on the biggest telecommunications deal in many years. This was the last real hurdle in the $26 billion merger of Sprint into T-Mobile. The carriers had to

16-inch MacBook Pro details emerge, and the Apple Car lives, this week on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: A new report gives us a price tag and release date for the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro. Then: A new hire signals that the Apple Car is far from dead; and there’s finally a

6 classic Mac games you can enjoy on iOS

With a constant stream of new, console-quality games in the iOS App Store, and subscription gaming service Apple Arcade on the way, there’s arguably never been a better time to be an Apple gamer. Yet