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Oh thank heaven! 7-Eleven will give away 500 AirPods

Prepare your shopping list for 7-Eleven and have it ready on Thursday. Free AirPods are at stake. The convenience store chain is giving away free AirPods to the first 500 people who spend at least $50

How to use the new iPhone Migration tool

The new iPhone Migration tool lets you transfer all your data directly to a new iPhone, instead of downloading an iCloud backup. You can even use a cable! (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through

Netflix’s new $3 streaming plan probably won’t work for you

A Netflix subscription that costs less than $3 a month sounds like a dream come true, but there are some caveats. Video can only be streamed to a single iPhone, iPad or other mobile device, and that

Tokyo unveils 2020 Olympic medals made from recycled phones

During the 2020 Summer Olympics games in Tokyo, metal from your old smartphone might get draped around winners’ necks. Tokyo unveiled its Olympic medals made from recycled phones and other used

Jony Ive trademarks name for his new design firm

When Apple’s Chief Design Officer announced he’s leaving the company, he also said it was to start his own design firm. Jony Ive began has begun making that plan a reality, as he filed a trademark for

How to send a green-bubble SMS from your iPad

You can send old-school green bubble SMS text messages from your iPad or Mac using Text Message Forwarding. Here's how to do it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Turn your old Apple devices into quick cash for a cheap upgrade

It’s a great time to replace your aging Apple devices, with big discounts currently available on iPad Pro and various models of the Mac. And we can help make your upgrade even cheaper. Sell your old

LG’s newest Smart TVs will start getting AirPlay this week

LG will start bringing AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to its newest Smart TV sets this week. 2019 models will play nicely with iPhone, iPad, and Mac after the update. You will be able to stream content

Dropbox Transfer makes sharing huge files easier

The latest update to Dropbox for iOS is the first with with support for this company’s new system for sending files up to 100GB in size. The goal of Dropbox Transfer is to simplify handing off these

How a broken Apple Lisa was transformed into a powerful computer

The Apple Lisa computer was a colossal failure. It was also the most important machine in personal computing history. You can try to argue that last claim with John McLearan. He believes it. And he

Parallels Toolbox gets brand new tools, big improvements

Parallels Toolbox just got a massive update on Mac that adds a whole bunch of useful new tools. The version 3.5 release brings the ability to access clipboard history, an energy saving mode, and a

FTC hits Facebook with record $5 billion fine

The Federal Trade Commission hit Facebook with a massive $5 billion fine Wednesday due to the social network’s lax privacy policies. This stands as the largest fine ever dished out to a tech company

Apple lobbying for new ‘very low power’ Wi-Fi tech

Apple joined forces with a number of other tech companies to lobby the Federal Communications Commission for a new Wi-Fi band. The proposed 6 GHz band would open up new types of short-range

Major expansion for Civilization VI coming to iOS

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a triumph on iOS. But it’s about to get even better — courtesy of an upcoming new expansion pack in the form of Gathering Storm. Arriving on Windows, Mac and Linux

Power takes many shapes in this charging roundup [Deals]

These days nothing happens without electricity. Whether it’s our phones, laptops, tablets, or our car, being without power when you need it can cause more than an inconvenience. So we’ve rounded up

Hilariously sarcastic weather app gets an iPad-focused refresh

Everyone’s favorite sarcastic AI taskmaster weather app has received a big update. CARROT Weather 4.12 just landed in the App Store, bringing a plethora of upgrades designed around the iPad. If you’re

Attorney General says tech companies should break strong encryption

Attorney general William Barr has a warning for tech companies using strong encryption: You need to be willing to break it. In a keynote at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York,

Huawei’s new 16-inch MagicBook Pro is a MacBook fan’s dream

Huawei has beaten Apple to delivering a 16-inch notebook with an edge-to-edge display. The Chinese company’s new MagicBook Pro delivers the design MacBook fans have been dreaming of — months ahead of

Google will kill Chrome extensions that steal too much of your data

Google has confirmed plans to eliminate Chrome extensions that steal too much of your data. Its new policy, which goes into effect on October 15, no longer allows extensions to freely collect browsing

StayGo hub offers all the ports your Mac is missing [Review]

TwelveSouth has a hub for those who remember the days when MacBooks came with USB-A, Ethernet, and video ports. This uses a single USB-C port to bring back 6 legacy ports. On top of that, the StayGo