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iPhones could spot early signs of dementia

Researchers from Apple and Eli Lilly looked into whether the ways people use their iPhone and Apple Watch can warn of mild cognitive impairment, a condition that’s difficult to diagnose. Their pilot

Want a Galaxy Note 10? Sell your old iPhone for upgrade cash

Samsung’s fancy new Galaxy Note 10fancy new Galaxy Note 10 is perhaps the most impressive smartphone we’ve seen so far this year. And we wouldn’t blame you if you decided it’s time to switch from

Samsung unleashes Galaxy Note 10 to take on iPhone

Samsung unveiled its latest answer to the iPhone today during an event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The new Galaxy Note 10 is undoubtedly one of the prettiest smartphones Samsung has ever come out

Apple picks up the pace of iOS 13 betas

Apple seeded iOS 13 Developer beta 6 this afternoon, slightly more than a week after the last pre-release update. Until now, the company has generally introduced new versions every two weeks, so it’s

New Zealand looks dreamy in iPhone film shot with cinema lens

In your pocket is a camera capable of making films that stretch across a silver screen. But to get that sweeping, horizontal field of view, you want to make room in an extra pocket for one important

How to decline and mute calls with iPhone

Skipping unwanted calls is literally a button-tap away on the iPhone, and muting calls is even easier. Here' how to decline iPhone calls. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Music showcases its massive high-def library

Music producers will bring sweeter sounds to the discriminating Apple Music user thanks to a new digital masters initiative for Apple’s burgeoning streaming service. As Apple phases out iTunes with

AirPods sales could shoot up 40% this year

Apple’s wireless earbuds are selling better than most people realize. The company is on track to sell 50 million pairs by the end of this year, according to an industry analyst. That’s up from 35

Even two weeks at bottom of a lake can’t kill lost Apple Watches

Two Apple Watches have been discovered, still in working condition, 25 feet underwater in a lake in Connecticut — where they’ve supposedly been for two weeks. The devices were discovered by the

Consumers can’t wait for Apple Card to hit the market

Interest in Apple Card is “remarkably high” as fans wait for it to hit the market. A new survey indicates Apple’s next product will be a hit, with more than half of young respondents already aware of

Apple fans seem receptive to the concept of a foldable iPhone

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold ran into a bunch of problems, but it seems many iPhone owners remain interested in seeing what Apple could do with the foldable form factor. According to a new UBS survey of

An afterlife Steve Jobs appears in new driving awareness ad

Whether it’s as the subject of a rap t-shirt or a manga comic book, the likeness of Steve Jobs pops up in some pretty unusual places. The latest? As a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it “cameo” in an Australian

Save 95% on a full terabyte of secure cloud storage [Deals]

Cloud storage has become a necessity for pretty much anybody who uses a digital device. Unfortunately, the pricing for high capacity, secure cloud storage are often sky high. Not so with this deal

Apple Watch continues to run roughshod over the competition

Apple Watch continues to dominate the fast-growing global smartwatch market, according to new figures from Strategy Analytics. The firm notes that smartwatch shipments grew 44% in the second quarter

Brilliant Amazon deal encourages students to avoid Apple Music

Amazon is making on-demand music more affordable than ever for students. Its brilliant new deal provides access to Music Unlimited for just $0.99 a month. Students enjoy exactly the same service as

Apple boot camp teaches Swift coding to educators

Part of getting Apple devices into classrooms involves educating teachers, as well as students. For that reason, Apple recently staged a week-long Teacher Coding Academy for educators in the

Form’s AR swim goggles blow Apple Watch out of the water [Review]

Fitness tech startup Form launches its first product today: augmented reality swimming goggles. You might think AR sounds like a bit of a gimmick for swimmers. I certainly did. My Apple Watch already

Disney reveals $13 bundle with ESPN+, Hulu and Disney+

Apple TV+ and Netflix are about to get some serious competition from Disney’s upcoming streaming bundle that will combine three services into one. Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed to investors during the

Magnificent metal band makes Apple Watch super-suave

Upgrade your Apple Watch with a magnificent metal band from Monowear. Made from strong stainless steel, and priced at just $49.99, they’re color-matched for the best finish and they make everyone’s

Apple forces popular VoIP apps to be rewritten to protect user privacy

A change in iOS 13 that limits what applications can do when running in the background will force a rewrite of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other apps that offer voice calls. While these