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Check out this entertaining history of Easter Eggs in Apple products

If you’re an Apple fan of a certain age, you may well remember the way the company (or, rather, its more enterprising engineers) used to pack the code of new Apple products with hidden Easter Eggs. A

Spotify has 48 million more paying subscribers than Apple Music

In its latest quarterly earnings, Spotify has revealed that it currently has 108 million paying subscribers. That’s approaching 2x the number who subscribe to Apple Music, which is around 60 million

Chrome update brings better Incognito, kills Flash by default

Google Chrome just got a big new update that improves upon two important features. The version 76 release disables Flash by default to improve browsing performance, while Incognito Mode has been

Make your dreams of learning new languages a reality [Deals]

Plenty of us talk about how much we’d like to learn a new language. But for some reason, many of us just can’t seem to stick with the challenge. Luckily, the right learning resources can make the

Apple Watch Activity Challenge celebrates China’s National Fitness Day

Apple is celebrating China’s National Fitness Day with a new Apple Watch Activity challenge. August 8 was first named National Fitness day in 2009, commemorating the anniversary of the 2008 Beijing

AirPods and Apple Watch are now a bigger money-spinner than iPad

Apple’s wearables division, including Apple Watch and AirPods, is now bigger than the company’s iPad business. That’s a pretty astonishing statistic, and shows just how Apple continues to shift. Just

8 key details from Apple’s upbeat earnings report

Apple unleashed its best-ever Q3 earnings report today, and traders subsequently sent the company’s stock soaring in after-hours trading. Thanks to record-breaking revenue from its services business

Apple wants to build new Mac Pro in US

Apple would prefer to build the upcoming Mac Pro in the United States. In fact, the company is trying to make it happen, CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday. “We’ve been making the Mac Pro in the United States

Apple’s record-breaking earnings report by the numbers

After several rocky quarters, Apple set a new record for third-quarter revenue. Plus there’s good news in iPad and Mac sales. However, iPhone revenue slipped considerably. Check out these charts that

Tim Cook confirms Apple Card will launch in August

Apple CEO Tim Cook informed investors during today’s earnings call that Apple Card will launch in August. A report last week claimed the card would launch within the next few weeks. With Services

Services fuel Apple to historic June quarter

Record-breaking revenue put Apple right in line with Wall Street expectations as the company released its Q3 2019 earnings report today. The iPhone-maker brought in $53.8 billion in revenue, a number

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 move closer with fourth public betas

Anyone brave enough to install onto their iPhone or iPad pre-release versions of Apple’s next operating systems can grab the latest betas. Everyone has access to iOS 13 and iPad OS 13 Public beta 4

Unique leather Apple Watch bands are handmade for the perfect fit

The beautiful Button-Stud Band by Form Function Form is a leather Apple Watch strap unlike any other. Handmade for the perfect fit, with a single stainless steel stud, it’s wonderfully minimalist and

Apple hires Xbox creator and VR expert Nat Brown

Apple just snapped up Nat Brown, who most recently was part of Valve’s Virtual Reality team. Before that, he was one of the gang-of-five that convinced Microsoft to create a little device called Xbox.

Notchless iPhone XI concept is too futuristic to be real

The grand unveiling of the iPhone 11 is less than two months away and even though we pretty much already know the new design, that’s not stopping some concept designers of dreaming what could be.

Why you need to install iOS 12.4 right now

Details of five security bugs fixed by last-week’s iOS 12.4 update have been published. This means hackers now have what they need to use them on any device that hasn’t been updated. Now would be a

Check out the redesigned share sheet in iOS 13 beta 5

in beta 5, Apple has finally redesigned the new Share Sheet. It has some great new features, but remains more confusing, and harder to use than the current share sheet in iOS 13. (via Cult of Mac -

Lawmaker wants to make social media less addictive

Facebook’s trick of never letting readers get to the bottom of its homepage would be banned under a law just proposed in the U.S. Senate. The same legislation also would block auto-playing media. The

Everything new in iOS 13 beta 5

Lots of new goodies in the latest iOS 13 beta, including a huge redesign of the sharing sheet. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Google Chrome’s clever dark mode is coming to macOS

Google Chrome’s brilliant dark mode, which makes your favorite websites easier to read at night, is coming to macOS. The feature is currently available only on Android, but the flag that enables it