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AirPod is crucial component of robot umpire

Robot umpires have finally arrived in baseball’s minor leagues and Apple’s technology is making it all possible. The Atlantic League, an independent league mostly based on the East Coast, recently

Dig your claws into elaborate Ookla Speedtest easter egg

Speedtest is a useful iOS application that shows users how fast their network connection is. Its latest update is more about fun than Internet speeds, though. It’s a humorous homage to the company’s

Newest 13-inch MacBook Pro brings unbelievable speed boost

Apple promised its newest 13-inch MacBook Pro would deliver faster performance than the previous model. But we weren’t expecting to be up to 83% faster! That’s the kind of speed increase you’re

‘Sign in with Apple’ might not be silver bullet for privacy

iOS 13’s “Sign in with Apple” is a privacy-centric method for signing into third-party apps and services, but an executive from a company specializing in collecting data about consumers predicts it

Everyone is sleeping on Amazon Music Unlimited

Spotify and Apple Music are facing increasingly tougher competition from Amazon when it comes to adding new paid subscribers to their services. Amazon Music Unlimited was the fastest-growing music

No, Apple hasn’t canceled its AR glasses project

Production of Apple’s upcoming augmented reality glasses has supposedly been “terminated,” according to one of the worst sources of Apple rumors on the internet. A number of websites have taken

Octopus transit cards coming to Apple Pay in Hong Kong

Apple fans in Hong Kong will soon be able to add their Octopus transit cards to Apple Pay. Support is “coming soon,” Octopus Cards Limited confirmed this week. It will allow you to use your iPhone or

Score 9 Mac apps, including CrossOver and CleanMyMac, at a huge discount [Deals]

Macs are mighty productivity machines, but they’re only as useful as the apps you install. It can be hard to know where to start, so this massively discounted bundle of top-tier productivity apps

Apple exporting its ‘Made in India’ iPhones to Europe

Apple has reportedly starting exporting some of its “Made in India” iPhones to Europe. This marks a leap forward in Apple’s plans to make India one of its manufacturing hubs. Previously, phones made

AirPod saved from subway suicide with makeshift sticky stick

This lucky AirPod will live to see another day. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Candy Crush Saga drops its landmark 5,000th level

Having launched back in 2012, Candy Crush Saga is, believe it or not, one of the veterans of App Store gaming. And, boy, has it hit the milestone to prove it! This week, the game that’s known for

Trump ‘concerned’ about French law targeting Apple and other tech giants

President Donald Trump is stepping up to defend Apple. Well, kind of. The president ordered an investigation into France’s planned tax on big tech companies like Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon.

This little adapter lets you use AirPods with almost anything

AirPods might just be the most convenient wireless headphones money can buy. But because they rely on Bluetooth, you can’t use them with everything. This little adapter from RHA hopes to change that.

Apple Watch’s Walkie-Talkie app disabled over eavesdropping concerns

Apple temporarily disabled the Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie app after discovering a vulnerability that allowed users to listen in on another person’s iPhone calls without their knowledge. The app will

You can now search transcripts of every 2019 WWDC dev session

WWDC may be best known to casual Apple fans for its keynote speech, but it’s a whole educational week for devs. While the best way to experience the Developer’s Conference is to attend live, not

Apple fixes major Zoom video conferencing security flaw

Mac users who’ve used the Zoom video conferencing application can now be assured that a serious security flaw has been dealt with. Apple pushed out a patch that removed the vulnerability from every

Satechi dual HomeKit plug makes your outlets smarter [Review]

Satechi’s dual-socket smart outlet lets you easily dip your toe into home automation. There’s nothing to install — you just plug it in — but the Dual Smart Outlet still allows you to control two

iPhone’s notch and Face ID could disappear in 2021

Apple is reportedly giving up on facial recognition and instead going with a full-screen fingerprint scanner. This will allegedly allow the company to leave off the “notch” from every iPhone model

Thieves smash into Texas Apple store with a truck

A gang of thieves used a stolen pickup truck to crash through the glass doors of an Apple Store in Houston last night. What the bungling burglars hadn’t counted on was the deputy sheriff working as a

How I kept my iMac running for a decade

My old iMac is almost ten years old, and probably faster than when it was new. Here's how to keep your old Mac ticking along. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)