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More than 200 apps won’t work with macOS Catalina

You are ready to embrace macOS Catalina. Then start saying your goodbyes to a list of 235 apps that won’t work with Catalina. A third-party software developer running a beta version of Catalina

AirDrop flaw makes it possible to gather strangers’ phone numbers

A Bluetooth LE security flaw could let malicious actors discover people’s iPhone numbers using Apple’s file-sharing AirDrop feature. An attacker would need to create a phone number database for a

Get a lifetime of VPN protection at a 92% discount [Deals]

If you’re not already using a VPN when you go online, you’re doing it wrong. But lucky for you, this is one of the best opportunities you’ll find to get one. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers a way to

Fitbit is feeling the hurt from Apple Watch

Apple Watch is soaring right now, but the same can’t be said for all its competitors. Fitbit, which preceded Apple in the wearables field, has reported its latest quarterly earnings — and they’re not

Intel CEO explains why it sold its 5G modem business to Apple

Intel CEO Bob Swan has shed a bit more light on the deal in which Apple spent $1 billion buying Intel’s modem business. Speaking with CNBC, Swan said the company decided to sell its 5G mobile modem

You can no longer turn back from iOS 12.4 if you’ve upgraded

Apple has stopped signing iOS 12.3.1 and 12.3.2 after the release of iOS 12.4. That means that it’s no longer possible to downgrade again from the latest version of iOS if you’ve already upgraded. For

Microsoft’s latest ad features Surface-loving guy called Mac Book

Apple rarely, if ever, pokes fun at its competition in ads these days. But that same lesson hasn’t been learned by Apple’s rivals — as a new Microsoft ad for the Surface Laptop 2 shows. For the ad,

iPhone sales drop double digits as rivals thrive

Apple just finished its third consecutive quarter with declining year-over-year iPhone sales. That’s left the company solidly in third place behind Samsung and Huawei, both of whom saw an uptick. Some

Apple’s AR glasses team gets a new, no-nonsense leader

The top-secret group at Apple developing a pair of Augmented Reality glasses reportedly has a new leader. Kim Vorrath has been with the company for many years, and is now in charge of all Apple’s AR

Apple Pencil might work with 2019 iPhone

The days of Apple Pencil being only supported on iPad could soon be numbered. Citi Research’s Apple analysts published their predictions of new features for the new 2019 iPhones and while most of the

Apple Watch triggers chain-reaction rescue after woman’s seizure

Apple Watch’s fall detection feature came the rescue of a Sydney, Australia woman who fell unconscious after suffering a seizure. Kate Donald has epilepsy and was home alone, but her Apple Watch

Google’s massive cash pile is now bigger than Apple’s

Apple’s decade-long run as the company with the world’s largest cash pile has finally come to an end. Financial paperwork filed by Apple and Google’s parent company Alphabet revealed that the search

Developers start tinkering with fifth macOS Catalina beta

The debut of macOS 10.15 took a step nearer with the release of macOS Catalina Developer beta 5. Catalina is intended to let third-party software developers test if their apps are ready for the new

How to stop Siri logging and sharing recordings

It’s easy to stop Siri from logging recordings it makes of you. You just need to add a configuration profile. Here’s how to set it up. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Verizon’s super-fast 5G expands to four more cities

The number of people who can access Verizon’s 5G network takes a big jump today. The carrier just launched service in parts of Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis and Washington, DC. The carrier has a 5G

Computer festival boasts world’s largest gathering of rare Apple 1s

You would have to ride in a time machine back to 1976 and that garage on Crist Drive in Los Altos, Calif., to find 10 Apple 1 computers in the same space. But this weekend, 10 or more will be

Vizio TVs start getting AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

Vizio has started updating its recent SmartCast TVs with support for AirPlay 2, allowing users to stream video from their iPhone or other Apple device. And not just new TVs — the list of compatible

LG UltraFine 5K is back, and now it works with iPad Pro

The LG UltraFine 5K is back in Apple Stores, and it now works with the 208 USB-C iPad Pro. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S6 a brilliant alternative to iPad Pro

Samsung today lifted the lid on its brand new Galaxy Tab S6 — and it’s sure to make iPad Pro fans think twice about where they spend their hard-earned cash. The new 10.5-inch slate delivers a gorgeous

Fake iPhone smuggler gets 3-year prison sentence

A Chinese national caught smuggling fake Apple products into the United States has been handed a three-year prison sentence. Jianhua “Jeff” Li pled guilty to trafficking more than 40,000 devices,