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This is the most beautiful multi-device wireless charger we’ve ever seen [Review]

Like the AirPower charger Apple wasn’t able to deliver, the Courant Catch:2 can wirelessly send power to multiple devices placed anywhere on its charging mat — there’s no need to carefully arrange

Patterning’s new shortcuts transform iPad keyboard into drum kit

Patterning, the iPad's best drum app, now supports finger-drumming using an external keyboard. It adds a whole new dimension to the mix. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

How to transfer WhatsApp, Kik, Viber and other info on iOS

This post is presented by Wondershare. A new iPhone means making sure your old app data makes it across from your old one. Even with backups, though, some apps like WhatsApp will simply start fresh on

‘Dogfishing’ gets potential dates barking up the wrong tree

Showing an adorable puppy in your online dating profile is an easy way to make yourself seem likable and kind. Unfortunately, many of the people who use this method seem to think there’s no reason to

Troubleshoot Apple Music with Smart Playlists

Apple Music Smart Playlists do more than collect your favorite songs. You can even use them to track down and fix problems in your iCloud Music Library. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Samsung reignites megapixel battles with 108MP sensor

The megapixel war among smartphone cameras is about to go nuclear. Samsung today unveiled a 108MP camera sensor, an industry first that is headed for a future Xiaomi handset. Xiaomi teased the news

Apple drops sneak peek at The Morning Show for Apple TV+

Apple has dropped a new trailer for The Morning Show ahead of its big debut. The original drama, which stars Jennifer Aniston, Reece Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, will be one of the first shows

Samsung steps up its battle against iPhone in Europe

Apple had a disappointing last quarter in Europe, where iPhone market share fell by a significant 17%. Into the space previously held by Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi made the biggest gains. Samsung grew

Notes app censors handwritten curse words in iOS 13

iOS 13 is cracking down on potty mouths. Apple’s built-in Notes app automatically censors handwritten curse words. However, it seems words considered to be less offensive are ignored. There are a ton

Team of divers discover working iPhone X at the bottom of a lake

An iPhone survived under water for two days before being discovered by divers in a murky lake in the U.K. The phone was discovered by a team of professional divers. It belonged to a member of staff at

Take 3 key lessons to boost your side hustle [Deals]

In the age of precarity, everybody has good reason to hustle. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make extra income — you just need to know how. We rounded up three lessons that offer valuable

Bill Gates lures away one of Apple’s top health experts

One of the first employees recruited for Apple’s health team has left Apple to join the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Andrew Trister joined Apple in 2016, shortly after it introduced Apple

YouTube CEO restricts how often her kids get to use mobile phones

The CEO of YouTube has joined a growing list of big name tech industry figures who restrict their kids’ access to mobile devices. Susan Wojcicki says that, “I have times when I take away all my kids’

TP-Link scraps HomeKit upgrade for Kasa Smart Plug Mini

TP-Link has cancelled plans to bring HomeKit support to its Kasa Smart Plug Mini. The device was supposed to get an update that would make it compatible with Apple’s platform earlier this year. But

Modified Lightning cables let hackers remotely hack Apple devices

Everyone knows about the risks of phishing email, dodgy downloaded software, and accessing sensitive data while using public Wi-Fi. But how about third-party Lightning cables? According to a new

Telegram gets Silent Messages feature, customizable dark mode

Telegram for iOS now lets you send messages without sound so you don’t disturb the person receiving them. Its version 5.10 update — available now from the App Store — also lets you customize dark mode

Awesome new accessories available now from the Watch Store

We just added a bunch of awesome new gadgets and accessories to the Cult of Mac Watch Store. Whether you want a gorgeous Apple Watch band, a handy charging stand, or a stylish AirPods case, we’ve got

IQbuds Boost wireless earbuds also help you hear better [Review]

Nuheara’s IQbuds Boost work as Bluetooth headphones, but that’s only the start. They are really for people who need just a bit of help hearing. They aren’t true hearing aids, but might actually be

Score a powerhouse slideshow editor for over 70% off [Deals]

In the world of startups, marketing and business in general, few tools are as compelling as a good pitch deck. Presenting your ideas in a clean, classy way, you’re more likely to win over investors

Latest iPadOS 13 beta is finally stable enough for almost anyone [Opinion]

The iPadOS beta Apple introduced this week offers something none of its predecessors did: reliability. Stability, even. After days of testing on an iPad Pro, I found it close enough to the final