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Mophie’s new charging lineup lands exclusively at Apple stores

Apple likes Mophie’s new chargers and cables so much that it added all of them to its online store, and many retail locations too. Included on the collection are a wireless charging pad, two car

Apple’s retro rainbow logo might make a comeback

The iconic rainbow Apple logo that originated in 1977 could make an appearance on Apple products in the year 2019. Apple killed the beloved rainbow logo in 1999 in favor of the single color used

Notre Dame could get glass roof from Apple Store architect

The reconstructed Notre Dame cathedral could take some design cues from Apple stores if a proposal from design frim Eight Inc. wins the design competition. Eight Inc, which designed some of the first

Apple designed its very own car suspension system

The question of whether Apple is building a physical Apple Car or just a software platform hasn’t been confirmed either way. But there are a few hints, such as the fact that Apple was just granted a

Deck out your desk with portable A/C, invisible laptop stands and more [Deals]

We spend tons of time at our desks, so why not deck them out? We’ve rounded up some of the coolest accessories for your desktop, from personal air conditioners to invisible laptop stands, wireless

Two more video chat apps have eavesdropping problems

Following the revelation of a Zoom security vulnerability that potentially let hackers break into users’ webcams, similar problems have been found in two other video chat apps. The conferencing

Apple embraces Arab world with new all-Arabic App Store

Apple has launched a new all-Arabic App Store to developers and members of its Beta Software Program. These users will put the new App Store through its paces before it opens more widely to customers

Hackintosh will challenge the might of Apple’s new Mac Pro

Apple’s upcoming “cheese grater” Mac Pro promises to max out at 28 CPU cores. However, all that power comes at a jaw-dropping price, especially at the top end. For that reason, the folks at YouTube

The best iPhone accessories on sale for Prime Day 2019 [Update]

UPDATE: New deals added! Amazon Prime Day isn’t over yet. You have another day to enjoy deep discounts on more than 1 million products, and Cult of Mac is here to help you seek out the best before

iOS 13 bug exposes all your saved passwords

Users have discovered a bug in the iOS 13 beta which makes it easy for people to access the “Website & App Passwords” data in Settings. The security flaw makes it simple to bypass the biometric

Shoot like Kubrick: DJI’s stabilized 4K Osmo camera costs just $319 [Deals]

Few things are more cinematic than a good, smooth tracking shot. It used to require tracks and a dolly to get these Kubrick-esque shots. But these days, you can fit the necessary equipment in your

Newest Petcube offers improved pet cam, laser, treat tosser

Ordinary pet cams just let you see your furry friends, but Petcube Play 2 also lets you play lasertag with Fluffy via your iPhone, while Petcube Bites 2 can fling treats to Rex. Both just debuted

Apple celebrates Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary with new video

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing that put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on that big chunk of cheese in the sky. To celebrate, Apple has put out a new video that talks

Google will kill AdSense app for iOS by end of 2019

Google plans to make its AdSense apps on iOS and Android worse over the next few months before killing them entirely at the end of 2019. Instead of using mobile apps, Google plans to invest more in

Eve’s HomeKit Bluetooth extender finally coming to market

A hot item at CES 2017 was the Eve Extend, a clever little device that helps HomeKit accessories that depend on Bluetooth connect to Wi-Fi networks. It took a couple of years, but this item is at long

Newest MacBook Air packs slower storage than 2018 model

Apple’s newest MacBook Air costs $100 less than the previous model — but how was that saving made? It turns out Apple may have cut corners on storage to shave money off the notebook’s price tag. Tests

How to use iOS 13’s Audio Sharing

Audio Sharing in iOS 13 lets you share a duplicate audio stream to a second pair of AirPods, for sharing music and movies with a friend. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Get nostalgic with a huge trove of classic Apple video and images

Sam Henri Gold generously posted for all to see his extensive collection of Apple promotional materials. There are images going back to the 1970s, and videos starting in the 1990s. I've decided to

The last macOS Mojave update is nearly ready for public launch

The handful of developers still beta testing macOS Mojave instead of macOS Catalina were treated to a brand new beta build in the form of macOS 10.14.6 today. This is the fifth beta of macOS 10.14.6

Swapfiets app does bike sharing, without all the dirty sharing

Swapfiets is a $22-per-month bike that always works, and is replaced if broken or stolen (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)