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Save up to 98% on Mac apps, backup tools and more [Deals]

This week, the Cult of Mac Store got some massive new deals on useful apps, instruction and digital tools. Below you’ll find a bundle of 10 Mac apps, to a tool for converting websites to searchable

TSMC preps to make super-speedy CPUs for 2020 iPhone

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will begin volume production of 5nm chips in the first half of 2020, according to the company’s chief financial officer. The Taiwanese foundry manufactures

To the moon! iPhone vs. Apollo Guidance Computer [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 306]

Fifty years after the Apollo moon mission, the leaps in mankind’s computing power continue to amaze. For instance, did you know an iPhone could manage 120 million moon missions at once? Get the story

Our best deals on awesome Apple Watch accessories

Treat yourself to some new Apple Watch bands and accessories and enjoy some big discounts on the Cult of Mac Watch Store. We have gorgeous aluminum link bracelets, premium charging stands that work

Apple Card might come to Canada soon

Canadians should start polishing up their credit ratings, as they soon may be able to apply for a shiny new Apple Card. The US launch of this credit card will happen in the coming weeks. Canada might

Stuff $20,000 in your ears with these diamond AirPods

Los Angeles designer Ian Delucca customized AirPods with gold and diamonds for a series that “guides us into new relationships with the material world.” And you can have that relationship with the

Last chance! Save $20 on the brilliant HiRise Duet for iPhone, Apple Watch

Clear cable clutter with the brilliant HiRise Duet stand from Twelve South. It charges your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, and it looks darn gorgeous while it’s doing it. Order yours today and

The dangerous reason you still can’t make in-flight phone calls

Dozens of airplanes still have equipment subject to cellular phone interference. This is one of the reasons why iPhones and Androids have to be in airplane mode during flight. Fortunately, this danger

How to save all open tabs to a folder in iOS 13 Safari

In iOS 13, Safari can save all your open tabs into a new bookmark folder, so you can open them all again with a single tap. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Instagram’s hidden ‘likes’ put some influencers on edge

Australia’s leading Instagram influencers expressed a range of feelings this week over the photo-sharing app’s experiment with hiding “likes.” Some fear it starts the clock counting down toward the

Apple Watch prompts 48-year-old man to get lifesaving heart surgery

Someone needs to get the Apple Watch its own comic book series, because right now it’s saving more lives than most DC and Marvel superheroes put together. The latest case involves a 48-year-old U.K.

Tim Cook tweets condolences to Japanese animation studio

Tim Cook has sent his condolences to the Japanese animation studio targeted in a suspected arson attack. The attack resulted in the deaths of 33 people. It is Japan’s worst mass killing in 20 years.

Stream 1,000s of documentaries for a 10th the price of Netflix [Deals]

There’s so much to learn about the world around us. So when you sit down to watch Netflix, keep in mind you could be streaming content that informs as well as entertains — and at a small fraction of

New malware steals data from your device and cloud accounts

A new spyware tool reportedly can harvest data from iOS devices and their connected cloud accounts. The tool, called Pegasus, also works with Android devices. The data it is able to gather even

What you need to know about that viral face-aging app you’ve been using, this week on The Cultcast

This week on The CultCast: Why some say FaceApp, the mega-viral app that ages your face, might also be stealing your data. Plus, why your next iPhone or Mac may feature Apple’s rainbow logo; Apple

Apple Music rebrands one of its most popular playlists

Apple Music has switched the names of one of its most popular playlists. “A-List: Hip-Hop” is now branded as “Rap Life,” and comes with a new show on Beats 1 radio. The change was orchestrated by Ebro

Fortnite players on iOS must reinstall after game-breaking bug

Epic Games has told Fortnite players on iOS that they will need to delete and reinstall the game to keep on playing. Disgruntled iPhone and iPad users quickly discovered they were unable to load into

5G could make Apple a $1 trillion business again

Apple won’t get 5G iPhones until next year, but already it’s causing investment analysts to geek out on the hype. In a new note to clients, an analyst for investment banking firm Raymond James raises

Most Americans are excited about 5G

A large percentage of Americans are happy that 4G wireless networks are being supplanted by faster 5G ones, according to a recent survey by a respected market-research firm. And a majority of US

Apple’s new Vancouver office looks absolutely spectacular

Whether it’s taking space in iconic buildings or creating one of Earth’s most valuable offices, Apple sure has an eye for architecture. Its next move? Occupying two floors in a spectacular,