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iOS 13.2 leaks details on upcoming ‘AirTags’ and iPhone 11 battery cases

Details of at least two unreleased Apple products may have been spilled by Apple’s big iOS 13.2 update that came out to the public this morning. Apple has been rumored for months to be working on

Google is in talks to buy Fitbit

Apple Watch could soon get some new competition from Google which has reportedly made an offer to buy Fitbit. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is supposedly aiming to get a slice of the fitness

Halide brings Deep Fusion-style photo processing to older iPhones

Smartest Processing is a Halide's version of Deep Fusion. It even works on older iPhones. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Samsung steals iPhone’s ‘slofies’ in latest Android update

Samsung has stolen one of the iPhone’s newest features in record time. Its latest Android 10 update adds the ability to shoot “slofies,” or slow-motion selfies, with a front-facing camera. Apple made

iOS 13.2 is out now with tons of new emoji and Deep Fusion for iPhone 11

Apple released iOS 13.2 to the public this morning after beta testing the software update with developers for a month. iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 bring a bunch of new features and bug fixes to the

Apple’s new AirPods Pro with noise cancellation are already here

Apple today unleashed AirPods Pro with an all-new design and active noise cancellation. The buds are available to order now ahead of their official debut on Wednesday, October 30. But they don’t come

Apple steps up smart home fight against Amazon and Google

Apple is ramping up its smart home efforts in a bid to better compete against Amazon and Google, according to a new report. Cupertino is said to be hiring for a team that will be focused on revamping

Early review calls Apple TV+’s The Morning Show a ‘painful belly flop’

Remember that story about how the logo for The Morning Show, one of Apple TV+’s flagship shows, looked suspiciously like the logo for Elon Musk’s The Boring Company? It turns out that may have been a

iOS 13 Mail tweak is causing people to accidentally delete messages

Why did Apple change its Mail app by placing the trash can icon where the reply arrow used to be? Several iPhone users who updated to iOS 13 have asked that same question, taking to Twitter to vent

Spotify is adding 2x as many monthly subscribers as Apple Music

Spotify’s third fiscal quarter figures show that it is growing considerably faster than Apple Music. “We continue to feel very good about our competitive position in the market,” the streaming giant

‘iPhone SE 2’ expected to make its debut in March 2020

Apple’s second-generation iPhone SE will be available next March, priced at $399, according to one reliable analyst. The entry-level device is expected to enter mass-production in January. It could

2020 iPhone will boast Apple’s fastest, best-looking display yet

The 2020 iPhone will reportedly take a page out of the iPad Pro’s playbook, adopting a 120Hz display that will allow for more fluid scrolling, greater responsiveness and smoother motion content. Apple

Apple’s software VP offers advice to up-and-coming coders

One of the cool things about Apple is how accessible its senior execs are. Steve Jobs started the practice of making his email address public knowledge, and would often respond to users’ comments. Tim

5 Mac apps you will use every day for less than $50 [Deals]

Practically every year, Apple comes out with Macs that both look good and pack enough power to blaze through even the most intense tasks. However, you can’t get the most out of your Mac without

Apple tells iPhone 5 owners they must update to iOS 10.3.4

You must update to iOS 10.3.4 if you want to continue using your iPhone 5. Apple says the handset’s GPS location and features that rely on the correct date and time — like iCloud — will stop working

Former Apple designer responds to Trump’s iPhone critique

As an iPhone UI designer, you need to have a thick skin. First, you have to defend your idea internally at Apple. Then members of the public endlessly critique your work upon its release. The one

Find lost items anywhere in the world with GeoZilla GPS Tracker [Review]

The GeoZilla GPS Tracker can find your dog if he gets out of the yard, even if he takes a plane to Reno. Or it can locate your lost luggage if the airline accidentally ships it to Australia. There are

AirPods Pro might offer all the new features we’re asking for

UPDATE: The wait wasn’t long: Apple’s new AirPods Pro with noise cancellation are already here. Apple is reportedly about to take its wireless earbuds professional. Get ready for AirPods Pro with

The best drawing, streaming, recording and socializing apps this week

This week we stream movies off USB sticks, stay safe with social networks, learn to play guitar with apple Music, and draw pictures on virtual paper. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Improve your golf game with your iPhone and GoGolf [Deals]

Whether you’re an avid golfer or complete newbie, striving to take some strokes off your game is the goal. The GoGolf GPS, along with your iPhone, are the perfect companions on the green to help you