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Supreme Court rules Apple is breaking the law not paying employees during bag searches

Should Apple have to pay retail employees during mandatory bag and iPhone searches at the end of their shifts? Yes, says California’s Supreme Court. The battle over off-the-clock work has been raging

5G iPhone may not offer 2×2 uplink support after all

The iPhone 12 is poised to pack a lot of exciting features. One that won’t be on the list? Support for a 2×2 uplink, according to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo previously suggested that the

LGBTQ docuseries Visible: Out on Television can now be seen on Apple TV+

Apple Originals docuseries Visible: Out on Television has debuted on Apple TV+. The five-part series examines the history of LGBTQ representation on TV. It blends archival footage with new interviews

This charging system works better than AirPower would have [Review]

The Scosche BaseLynx can quickly charge every Apple device you have — AirPods to MacBook Pro — either wirelessly or via cable. And this system is modular so you can get just the components you need

US slams Huawei with racketeering charges

Apple’s biggest competition from China just got hit with the R.I.C.O. The FBI and US Department of Justice revealed this afternoon 16 charges filed against Huawei, one of the world’s largest

YouTube TV cancels all App Store subscriptions

Everyone who subscribed to YouTube TV via Apple’s App Store got a notice today that their subscriptions will be canceled next month. They’ll have to resubscribe on the YouTube website. A statement

How sneaky kids use AirPods to ‘talk’ in class

Kids swap AirPods so they can exchange text-to-speech messages in class. But there's a better way to accomplish this schoolhouse hack. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Underwater iPhone case goes deep for stellar pics

Yes, the iPhone 11 Pro is waterproof-ish enough to survive a good soaking in a pool, lake or ocean. But why chance it when you don’t have to? Should you fancy a photo swim, you will want to consider

You’ll be shopping in AR soon, thanks to Apple

Retailers that advertise with Apple’s AR Quick Look now have the option to add a “buy now” button directly in the augmented reality experience. Before this, shoppers could only look at items

Smartphone film fest dangles $10,000 prize for your iPhone masterpiece

Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh has sworn off big expensive motion picture cameras for the camera in his pocket. Your iPhone is no different from his, so get out there and make the movie

How to add attachments from the Files app in Gmail for iOS

Gmail is finally adding the ability to add attachments to emails straight from the Files app for iOS, giving users another crucial productivity tool. Until now, the only way to send stuff from your

Apple now sells 16-inch MacBook Pro refurbs at big discounts

You can now save a small fortune on a 16-inch MacBook Pro by buying a refurbished unit from Apple. A whole host of different models are on offer, with prices currently starting at just $2,039 — $360

Award-winning strategy game Company of Heroes lands on iPad

Company of Heroes, the award-winning World War II strategy game, today makes the leap to iPad. The mobile version is a complete port of the original, which first debuted in 2006 — but it has been

Trippy video shot on iPhone will blow your mind

Great looking shot on iPhone videos are a dime a dozen nowadays, but I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this one. The creative team behind Vallee Duhamel pushed the iPhone XS Max camera to

SwitchGlass is a supercharged Dock replacement for Mac

John Siracusa is back, with a customizable Dock replacement app for the Mac. SwitchGlass brings DragThing-style functionality to macOS Catalina. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Strava finally adds support for Apple’s Workout app. But there’s a big but …

Strava is a brilliant app for sharing your workouts and analyzing your fitness activity. But its Apple Watch app is not so great. That’s why I prefer to use Apple’s built-in Workout app and then view

5 Apple Stores in China are reopening — but customers must wear surgical masks

Apple will reopen five of its retail stores in Beijing tomorrow, although only for limited hours. The stores will open between 11am and 6pm local time, compared with the usual 10am through 10pm

Apple’s first 5G iPad Pro could launch this fall with A14 chip

Apple could introduce its first iPad Pro with 5G connectivity this fall. A new report claims the device will be compatible with super-speedy mmWave networks. And Apple’s next-generation A14 processor

Former HBO boss could bring more socially conscious shows to Apple TV+

Cupertino could be looking to snap up more socially conscious original shows for Apple TV+ that examine issues such as identity and sexuality, a new report suggests. Financial Times bases its claim on

Make building websites as easy as stacking blocks [Deals]

Designing a web page can be slow going. There are numerous types of devices that websites need to be responsive for, so prototyping can feel like flattening bumps in a rug. That changes with the right