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Samsung allegedly plans to launch folding clamshell phone next year

Samsung plans to reinvent the flip phone next year with yet another folding display smartphone, only unlike the Galaxy Fold, this one will come with an old-school design. The new Samsung folding phone

New York subway commuters just keep losing AirPods

New York City commuters are losing AirPods left and right, causing delays so workers can retrieve the fallen wireless earbuds from subway tracks. The problem is so persistent, the Metro Transit

Fortnite’s floating island returns with new Zapper Trap

Fortnite’s floating island has returned to Battle Royale — and this time the Motel is right on top of it. This week’s content update also brings the brand new Zapper Trap. The throwable consumable

Just how titanium is the titanium Apple Card?

Do you want to be the kind of know-it-all who takes the wind out of fanboys’ sails by telling them their fancy new titanium Apple Card isn’t actually 100% titanium? No? Then you should probably ignore

Apple does not expect an iPhone ‘super-cycle’ this year

The days of massive year-on-year growth in iPhone sales are over for now, at least according to one analyst forecasting Apple’s iPhone 11 orders. According to analysts at Cowen, Apple’s iPhone 11

Apple store thieves rob $200,000 worth of iPhones

Thieves reportedly stole more than $200,000 worth of iPhones from an Australian Apple store in an early morning raid Tuesday. According to police, a gang smashed its way into a store in Perth at 2:15

Get a utility belt for your AirPods [Deals]

AirPods go everywhere with us, so why not carry them safely and in style? This case cover and accessory pack offers a bunch of handy AirPod accessories. A super light and thin silicone cover prevents

Samsung Galaxy Fold could hit U.S. one week after iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 lineup could face competition from the Galaxy Fold just one week after hitting the market. Pre-registration for Samsung’s first foldable handset today reopened ahead of a rumored U.S.

Apple has no plans to scrap iMessage apps and games

Apple has no intention of scrapping iMessage games — despite some of the rumors you might be reading online this week. Stories surrounding the supposed move started trending on Twitter, causing some

Don’t expect huge speed boost from iPhone XR upgrade

Ahead of next week’s Apple media event, a Geekbench profile supposedly reveals some of the tech specs of the iPhone 11. The report refers to the successor to the iPhone XR, one of the three iPhones

Sleep-tracking could come to Apple Watch this year

Apple will introduce sleep tracking to Apple Watch, a new report claims. The new feature will reportedly not require any additional hardware, but rather be software-based. It’s not clear whether it

Form AR swim goggles add Polar heart rate sensor support

Augmented reality swim goggles made by Form soon will add support for select Polar heart rate monitors. With Apple Watch, you must stop swimming and raise your wrist in order to check your heart rate.

Catch the best of our Labor Day gear and gadgets [Deals]

One way to make your extra long Labor Day weekend even better is to bring some great new tools and toys into your life. We’ve got massive deals on sleek wireless charging, terabytes of cloud storage,

Two brilliant Mac features that will never come to iPad

The Mac’s desktop, and a clipboard history app, make the macOS so much easier to use than the iPad. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

How to radically customize your Mac’s display

The Mac’s accessibility options are just as full of hidden, super-handy settings as iOS. Check out just how crazy they can be. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Struggling Apple display maker will take 2 years to start building OLED screens

Struggling Apple display maker Japan Display is trying to reconfigure its business to develop OLED displays, instead of LCD ones. However, according to CEO Winston, it’s going to take at least two

Last chance! Save when you snag 2 beautiful Nyloon bands

Nab two select Apple Watch bands from Nyloon and save $14.90 with the Cult of Mac Watch Store. They’re available in a host of dazzling designs and made from ballistic-grade nylon that’s super-sturdy

Protect your precious Apple Card with this $139 wooden card case

The physical titanium Apple Card may be the most attractive credit card ever made. But it’s not necessarily the most practical design, since storing it in a leather wallet risks discoloring it.

Save hundreds on the newest iPads for a limited time [Deals & Steals]

It’s a great time to treat yourself to a new iPad, with $29 off the brand-new 10.2-inch model and up to $199 off the newest iPad Pro on Amazon. And these are just some of the awesome offers you’ll

Apple uploads high-res iOS 13 icon file, more to Wikipedia

Apple has started uploading super high resolution copies of some of its branding materials to Wikipedia — starting with the original icon files for iOS 13. News was shared by Twitter user and Apple