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Today in Apple history: Marathon is Mac’s answer to Doom

December 21, 1994: Mac gamers get their hands on Marathon, a sci-fi first-person shooter designed as an answer to the massive success of PC title Doom. Created by Bungie, the team that would later

Apple issues pre-emptive refunds to customers who bought fake Cuphead app

Apple has taken swift steps to make up to customers following the recent counterfeit Cuphead app, which appeared in the App Store this week without permission from the popular game’s developers.

Adventure-worthy gift ideas for the outdoorsy folks in your life

Gear-shopping for your favorite outdoors-loving friends and family members can be as daunting as trekking up Mount St. Helens as she’s about to blow. There are so many options — and so much crap!

Apple confirms it makes old iPhones run slower (for a good reason)

Does your iPhone seem to get slower and slower as it grows older? Well, according to Apple, that is exactly what’s supposed to happen. Many iPhone users have long suspected that Apple throttles

Slow iPhone? Here’s how to check the health of your battery

Just how healthy is the battery in your iPhone, iPad, or Mac? CoconutBattery will tell you how much charge it can hold, down to the last drop. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

This SD card reader can transfer any file to iPad and iPhone

The Kingston MobileLite G3 lets you use any file on any SD card with your iPhone or iPad -- wirelessly. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple’s got a secret plan to merge iOS and Mac apps in 2018

Apple has always denied that merging its mobile and desktop operating systems, the way that Microsoft has done, is a good idea. But from 2018, it is reportedly starting to explore that road by giving

This app goes beyond spellcheck to keep your writing sharp [Deals]

These days, we’re all typing countless emails, social media posts, messages and other text based communications. That means a lot of chances to make the wrong impression thanks to poor spelling or

Chinese clothing company sues Apple over App Store logo

Apple is facing a lawsuit in China from a local clothing brand, which argues that Apple is infringing on its design trademark with its logo for App Store. Apple changed the icon for the App Store in

Samsung could provide 4x as many OLED iPhone displays in 2018

Samsung Display will continue churning out OLED displays for Apple in 2018, with a reported 180 – 200 million flexible OLED iPhone panels scheduled to ship next year, a new report claims. That’s

Today in Apple history: Apple brings back Steve Jobs with NeXT buyout

December 20, 1996: Apple Computer buys NeXT, the computer company Steve Jobs founded after leaving Cupertino a decade earlier. The deal costs Apple $429 million. It’s a massive price to pay for the

‘Global flagship’ Apple Store will open down under in 2020

Apple is opening a new “global flagship” Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia. Australia’s minister for tourism and major events John Eren described the new venue as being a “major drawcard for

Gwen Stefani and Santa star in Apple’s latest holiday-themed ad

With its years old traditions and ability to make us feel like kids again, Christmas is a pretty nostalgic time of year. So why not create a festive ad that takes us back to the glory days of 2004, by

Fusion Guitar packs an iPhone dock and speakers

The Fusion Guitar is like an entire music studio -- just add your iPhone for effects, recording, looping, anything you like. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple releases iOS 11.2.5 for beta testing

Apple has signaled it has mobile software fixes on the way by releasing a beta update of iOS. Only iPhone and iPad users enrolled in Apple’s beta testing program can download and install the update.

New Apple Park video highlights greener spaceship

Drone pilot Matthew Roberts might know the layout of Apple Park better than the builders and architects. In Roberts’ 22nd drone flight and video of the evolving Apple campus, his 4K camera shows off

How to calibrate your Apple Watch for accurate workout stats

Calibrating your Apple watch is essential if you want accurate workout stats. Here's how to calibrate any Apple Watch, new or old. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

This silicone Apple Watch band is perfect for fitness freaks [Review]

While many Apple Watch bands put fashion front and center, the Nomad Sport Strap embraces the wearable’s exercise potential. This wide, black silicone strap makes the Apple Watch look less like a

Achieve Inbox Zero with this powerful email manager [Deals]

For most of us, email is a messy business. Keeping a sorted inbox can be a full-time task, so it can pay big to have a little help. CleanEmail is a web-based bulk email cleaner that sports a suite of

Majority of first responder apps may have gaping security flaws

First responder apps may help save your life, but they’re in drastic need of a security overhaul, a new report the Department of Homeland Security says. Released this week, the Department of Homeland