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Apple and Samsung massively increased chip spending in 2017

Apple ramped up its spending on semiconductors by more than a quarter in 2017, a new report from Gartner claims. In the past 12 months, Apple spent a massive $38.754 billion on chips, making it second

HomePod will play music from your iTunes Match library

You’ll need an Apple Music subscription to make the most of HomePod. But new details that have emerged since the device went on sale last week suggest you’ll be able to play tracks in your iTunes

Today in Apple history: ‘The Diesel’ becomes Apple COO

January 29, 1990: Apple CEO John Sculley appoints Michael H. Spindler as the company’s new chief operating officer. Nicknamed “The Diesel” on account of his work ethic, Spindler’s new job continues

Apple welcomes HomePod with four new ads

Apple has rolled out four new ads for HomePod after finally kicking off pre-orders on Friday. Each is just 15 seconds long and focuses on sound quality rather than Siri. Apple clearly has no intention

Apple may have chopped iPhone X production in half

Apple has reportedly halved its production target for the iPhone X, a new report claims. In the three month period starting January, Apple reportedly planned to manufacture 40 million handsets during

Apple could be about to smash its own profitability record

Apple will report its quarterly earnings this Thursday and, according to analysts, it could be about to beat its own record for most profitable quarter in corporate history. The current forecasts call

New details tell us more about 2018’s iPhone X Plus

In a weekend report to investors, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities reiterates that Apple is planning two OLED iPhones and one LCD model for this year. The two OLED models, he

Slime Pizza, Swift Playgrounds, and other awesome apps of the week

A game in which you stick to surfaces in order to capture slices of pizza, while avoiding enemies? Yep, it’s another oddball (but brilliant) iOS puzzle game. That’s just one of the picks we’ve

Learn how top creators and pros stay productive [Deals]

Watching people like Elon Musk change the world every few seconds, it’s easy to feel less than productive. But even the top entrepreneurs and creatives are human, so their output is the result of

Today in Apple history: Apple moves into Bandley 1, its first custom HQ

January 28, 1978: Apple Computer occupies its first custom-built office, giving the company a bespoke business center to house its growing operations. A full 15 years before One Infinite Loop, and

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs introduces us to the iPad

January 27, 2010: Twenty years ago today, Steve Jobs publicly showed off the iPad for the first time. Aside from the name, which some people joke sounds like a female sanitary product, the iPad

Cult of Mac Magazine: Why HomePod is actually a steal at $349, and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: Don’t make the mistake of comparing HomePod to rival smart speakers and lamenting its $349 price tag. There are good reasons why the device costs more than three

E3’s leather Apple Watch bands are made the old-fashioned way

Whether they are rebuilding vintage motorcycles or crafting Apple Watch bands, the folks at E3 Supply Co. do everything by hand. It’s not that they can’t afford fancy robots to get the job done — the

Logic Pro update banishes the click track

The new Logic Pro update ditches strict click tracks and lets humans set the pace instead. Smart Tempo keeps everything in sync. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple puts psychedelic spin on Animoji karaoke

Apple has whipped up some new commercials to celebrate the upcoming Grammy Awards by combining some of today’s best artists with the iPhone X’s new Animoji feature. The new ads titled Amigos and Alien

Shazam could give Apple Music a big subscribers boost

Apple’s recent acquisition of Shazam might be a great way for the company to drive subscriber growth, according to one early Shazam investor. DN Capitol chief executive, Nenad Marovac, gained a deep

How to set up and use Messages in iCloud in iOS 11.4

iMessage in iCloud finally arrives in iOS 11.4, and it'll save storage space, and mean you'll never lose messages when you buy a new device. Here's how to turn it on. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Steven Soderbergh ditches big-budget cameras for iPhone

One of the biggest directors in Hollywood is ready to totally embrace filming on the iPhone. Steven Soderbergh — whose titles include everything from Ocean’s Eleven to Magic Mike — filmed his latest

Poll: Have you pre-ordered HomePod yet?

Pre-orders for Apple’s new HomePod speaker went on sale this morning and it looks like there’s still plenty of supply to go around. HomePod doesn’t hit stores until February 9th but most Apple fans

Apple is finally starting to move 12,000 of its employees to Apple Park

With Apple Park now completed, Apple employees are finally moving into the company’s brand new sprawling campus — although it won’t happen all at once. Given the size of the building, which can hold