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Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Neo is a vision of the future

Microsoft just unveiled a very innovative dual-screen mobile computer that also makes room for a physical keyboard. The Surface Neo folds, but doesn’t use a folding screen, and combines features of a

Microsoft’s sleek Surface Pro X hits iPad Pro where it hurts [Updated]

The newly-unveiled Surface Pro X is a 13-inch tablet that seems designed to take on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Apple dominates tablet sales but Microsoft clearly wants a bigger piece, is hoping this slim

Fortnite update drops as season 11 gets delayed

This week’s Fortnite patch is out with new overtime missions and some welcome bug fixes. But there’s disappointing news for Battle Royale fans, with the launch of season 11 delayed by one week. It’s

After year in watery grave, iPhone packs new feature: barnacles

Apple has worked hard to make its iPhones increasingly waterproof. However, that doesn’t guarantee that your iPhone will survive in any submerged situation. One example? A recently rediscovered iPhone

Millions of iPhone users in the U.K. are suing Google for illicit data collection

A lawsuit filed by millions of U.K. iPhone users alleges that Google bypassed Apple’s privacy settings to collect user data. The “Google You Owe Us” group represents more than 4 million people. This

Choose your tool for shooting ultra-smooth iPhone videos [Deals]

The iPhone just keeps getting better at shooting video. But at the end of the day, one key limitation remains: The video will only be as steady as your hands are. That makes a stabilizing gimbal a

King of Fighters Allstar will battle into the App Store this month

Eight months after it launched in Japan, King of Fighters Allstar is arriving in the West. As its name suggests, King of Fighters is best known as a fighting game franchise. However, King of Fighters

Apple will soon let Siri default to third-party messaging, phone apps

Apple will roll out a software update later this year that eases some of the Siri restrictions for third-party messaging and phone apps. Siri currently defaults to using Apple’s own apps when sending

Apple shares could be about to hit a new all-time high

Apple’s share price is within striking distance of reaching a new all-time high. That’s particularly impressive following the release of an iPhone many predicted would be boring and new Services Wall

Duet Display turns any Android into a second screen for your Mac

Duet Display, the app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a second screen for your desktop, is finally on its way to Android. You can use it alongside your Mac or Windows PC, and setup is quick and

Tim Cook does not think rivals are ‘afraid’ of Apple TV+

Tim Cook is visiting Germany this month, where he attended Munich’s Oktoberfest. In an interview with weekly news magazine Stern, Cook talked local developers, iPhone pricing, and Apple TV+. So far,

What to expect at an Apple October event

An Apple October event hasn’t yet been announced, but there’s such an impressive list of products that are supposedly ready to launch that the company seems to need a big venue to show them all off.

Apple taps Black Panther star as lead in basketball TV show

Swagger, the Apple TV+ series based on Kevin Durant’s experiences in youth basketball, finally found its lead actor. Winston Duke, most recognizable for his role as M’Baku in Marvel’s Black Panther

Awesome stand gives Apple Watch the retro Game Boy look [Review]

Every Apple Watch deserves a good charging stand. The W5 from Elago takes you back in time with a one-of-a-kind design that resembles an iconic handheld gaming console. Made from high-quality

PDF Expert adds powerful iPadOS 13 features

The best PDF editor just got better. The latest version of PDF Expert adds all the new iOS 13 features — multiple windows, Dark Mode and more. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Skydio 2 could be the first drone to give DJI a serious challenge

Skydio may have finally created the first drone that I can’t crash. Every single drone I’ve owned or tested from DJI, Parrot and even Skydio has crashed. With the Skydio 2 unveiling today, the

Bernie Sanders’ tax plan would have cost Apple $1.4 billion last year

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ proposed “inequality tax” would punish large businesses that pay their CEOs vastly more than the median wage for employees. Apple is one of those companies. Tim

Stranded photographer didn’t get the memo on MacBook Pro recall

A British travel photographer is currently stuck in Vietnam after airport officials refused to let him board a flight because he was carrying a recalled 15-inch MacBook Pro. Julian Elliott found out

How to post to Instagram on your Mac

If you know the trick, you can use Instagram on your Mac. And I don’t just mean viewing your timeline in Safari. I mean uploading pictures, adding filters, the lot. What’s more, it’s dead easy.

Apple tests dazzling Deep Fusion for iPhone 11 in new iOS 13 beta

Apple is today providing beta testers with an early taste of its upcoming Deep Fusion feature for iPhone 11. Apple first previewed the new technology, which promises to deliver some of the most