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Why Apple Watch Series 4 will probably get better GPS

Apple took the wraps off watchOS 5 last week at WWDC, revealing loads of new features that we can look forward to this fall. Among them were some big improvements for runners: Cadence, Rolling Mile

iPhone X works fine after two weeks in a river

Drop an iPhone into a lake or rushing river and you can usually kiss it goodbye. But the owner of an iPhone X was pleasantly surprised when it was returned to her in working order – two weeks after

Give your iDevice a major camera upgrade [Deals]

Your iPhone and iPad come with amazing cameras built-in. But as mobile cameras improve, the standards for digital photo and video are rising too. So to catch up, there’s the DxO One. This isn’t just

Microsoft is bringing Gears of War to iOS … with a twist

Hit Microsoft franchise Gears of War is making the leap to mobile next year in Gears Pop! Microsoft has teamed up with Mediatonic and Funko to bring the popular shooter to Android and iOS with a big

Today in Apple history: Walt Mossberg shows off his prerelease iPhone

June 12, 2007: With iPhone frenzy hitting a fever pitch in the buildup to the device’s launch, journalist Walt Mossberg sends the Apple world into a tizzy by whipping out a review unit during a

Fight in style with Fortnite’s new Wingman Starter Pack

Are you still playing Fortnite Battle Royale with the default skins? Have some respect for yourself! Now is the time to pick up your first outfit. The new Wingman Starter Pack, available today, will

Sketchy report claims 2018 iPhones won’t use Lightning port

This year’s iPhone lineup will come without a Lightning connector, according to a sketchy new report out of Asia. Apple is expected to use an alternate method of charging and syncing that will please

iPhone X dethroned as world’s top-selling smartphone

Apple’s flagship handset has passed its peak popularity. That’s not surprising, given that the iPhone X hit the market more than six months ago. Still, it once could boast of being the world’s

Exploding Samsung phone destroys woman’s car

Samsung’s explosive reputation could be flaring up again, based on a new report that the company’s smartphone caused one woman’s car to catch fire and explode. The Detroit woman says she was driving

Tag stars strain to hit high notes in new Carpool Karaoke teaser

Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms and Jon Hamm are ready to sing your socks off in the latest episode of Carpool Karaoke. The trio, who star together in the upcoming film Tag, bring their vocal talents to

Pocket iPhone dolly lets you capture cinematic shots

Few if any dollies – the wheeled rigging filmmakers use to capture smooth horizontal camera shots – fit in a back pocket. A cute little cart called MUWI does and is ready to roll on the set of your

How to use the new iPad gestures in iOS 12

The iPad gets lots of new and repurposed gestures in the iOS 12 beta. Here are all the gestures we could find, including some you may not have heard about yet. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Software localization isn’t an annoying chore, it’s a crucial opportunity

This post is brought to you by MacPaw, maker of Mac app subscription service Setapp. One of the amazing benefits of selling software on the internet is that you can reach customers from all over the

Apple busts out new betas for its old software

iOS 12 and macOS Mojave are all the rage after WWDC 2018, but Apple’s not quite done working on iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. Developers received a fresh batch of beta updates this morning, including

iOS 12 UI tweaks let you interact with apps as they’re opening

Apple is giving the iPhone a more fluid UI with some tiny tweaks in iOS 12 designed to shave tenths of seconds off each interaction. You may not even notice the changes once iOS 12 launches to the

apeMatrix is the iOS music app you never knew you needed

ApeMatrix is a new music app that's almost impossible to explain, and yet utterly essential for any iPad-using musician. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

New watchOS 5 beta probably won’t brick your Apple Watch

Apple has issued an updated watchOS 5 beta for Apple Watch. The new build comes just one week after the first was seeded to developers during WWDC. Apple was forced to pull it shortly after its

iOS 11.4 is killing battery life on some iPhones

Apple rolled out iOS 11.4 in late May, finally delivering AirPlay 2 and stereo support for HomePod. If you haven’t already updated, you might want to avoid it for now. Some iPhone users are reporting

GoodNotes 4 is the paper notebook of the future [50 Essential iOS Apps #24]

GoodNotes 4 is a solid upgrade to the built-in Notes app on iOS. From customizable paper styles to powerful annotation tools and automatic OCR, GoodNotes 4 is the notebook of the future. (via Cult of

Snapchat adds ability to delete messages after they’re sent

Snapchat is making it easier to deal with messaging regret by giving us the ability to delete chats after they’ve been sent. The new “Delete Chat” feature is available for both group and one-to-one