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Stay ahead of the storm with Dark Sky Weather [50 Essential iOS Apps #2]

Weather is something we all deal with, and an accurate idea of what’s coming can help inform your day-to-day decisions. With the Dark Sky Weather app, you can know exactly when to expect a change in

Now you can play Star Wars Holochess in AR on iPhone

If you’re going to play Holochess on the Millennium Falcon, there’s just one rule: Let the wookiee win. To play it in your living room, the only requirement is having a new-ish iPhone. Star Wars: Jedi

Google Chrome silences all those annoying autoplaying videos

Google has done us all a favor by asking Chrome to block autoplaying videos with sound. No longer will our ears be sodomized unexpectedly by obnoxious ads that we’ll never look at. There are some

Master the art of public speaking [Deals]

There are few things more stressful than public speaking. But there are also few opportunities to make an impact with your ideas or message. Just think of Steve Jobs, and what comes to mind? Probably

Chrome adds Windows Defender to protect your Mac

Windows Defender, which protects Windows 10 PCs from malware, can now keep your Mac safe from inside Google Chrome. Microsoft has turned its antivirus app into a Chrome extension that promises to

Today in Apple history: Apple pays $15 million to promote Mission: Impossible

April 18, 1996: Apple unveils a massive $15 million promotional tie-in for the Mission: Impossible movie starring Tom Cruise. Designed to promote the PowerBook, which Cruise uses in the spy flick, the

Apple Music is poised for some massive growth in the near future

Apple Music recently passed the 40 million paid subscribers mark. Just like old reports about now-tiny-looking “records” set by Apple, however, those numbers could soon be dwarfed thanks to Apple

Still Here is a gorgeous platformer about the end of humanity

2018 is shaping up to be one heck of a year for iOS gaming. The latest example? A stunning new game called Still Here, set to debut in the App Store later this month. Set in an alternate version of

Apple filings hint a bunch of new iPhone models are coming soon

Apple could be gearing up to launch new iPhone models as early as next month. New regulatory filings reveal that a bunch of new devices are planned. It’s likely they will be refreshed versions of the

Fortnite could make $500 million on mobile this year

Just in case you’ve somehow not heard, Fortnite is so hot right now. According to new figures released by Sensor Tower, it grossed more than $25 million in its first month on mobile. Think that’s

Apple considering AirPod charging case with Bluetooth speaker

The case for your Apple wireless earbuds is necessary to charge them, but it’s useless the rest of the time. But what if this AirPod charging case was itself a speaker? That’s the concept behind a

App to hide secret porn stashes booted from iPhone App Store

Apple apparently removed some software from its App Store that allows users to hide images behind an innocent front. However, this doesn’t appear to be part of a general crackdown on this type of app.

Apple lays groundwork for bendable iPhone

Apple today received a patent for a device with a bendable display. Sadly, that doesn’t mean that an clamshell iPhone is right around the corner. The wait for an iPad that be folded up and slipped in

Amp up your Apple Watch with these tire-tread silicone bands

Best List: Tire Tread Sport band by Carterjett Apple’s Sport band is the basic bro of Apple Watch straps. If you want something a little more rugged — and a lot less forgettable — strap on a Tire

Get your Star Wars fix with these Solo iPhone cases

The most anticipated Star Wars movie of 2018 is nearly here and OtterBox has got the official cases to get you ready for the premiere. OtterBox’s new Solo: A Star Wars Story Symmetry Series cases are

The best Apple Pencil apps that aren’t for drawing

The Apple Pencil isn't just for drawing. You can write, compose music, play the violin, mark up PDFs, and more. If you've never used the Apple Pencil before, you're in for a treat. (via Cult of Mac -

Awesome wireless earbuds, Qi charging mousepads, and more [Crowdfund Roundup]

You no longer have an excuse to keep using wired headphones with your iPhone. TicPods Free are the affordable wireless earbuds that combine awesome audio with noise cancellation and intuitive touch

The next big Castlevania game is an iOS exclusive

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is the next chapter in this side-scrolling game series. It’s the first new installment since 2014, and will only be for iOS. This long-running RPG series from Konami

How to change your iPhone passcode so the cops can’t hack it

Your 6-digit iPhone passcode isn't safe any more. Here's how to change it, and why you should care. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple doubles down on AI in Seattle

Apple’s is slowly invading the home turf of some of its biggest rivals in Seattle. The iPhone-maker has reportedly secured more office space in one of the biggest skyscrapers in Seattle, where Amazon,