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Tim Cook won’t compromise Mac and iPad by combining them

Tim Cook generally stays quiet about Apple’s plans, but there’s one thing he’s open about: his company’s laptops and tablets aren’t going to merge together. It’s a question that comes up every couple

Save 97 percent on a WordPress master class [Deals]

A big chunk of the internet runs on WordPress. In fact, it accounts for a full 30 percent of all websites. So this is a platform that every online publisher needs to know. With the WordPress

How to translate webpages on iPhone or iPad

Microsoft Translator can translate a webpage right inside Mobile Safari, changing nothing but the text. It's about a million times better than Google translate. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Huawei had notches years before iPhone X made them cool

Huawei was developing smartphones with notches in their displays years before iPhone X made them cool, it claims. The Chinese company ultimately decided not to release one because it was “too

Get free fries from McDonald’s with the latest Apple Pay promo

Enjoy a free medium fries when you use Apple Pay at McDonald’s on a Friday. Apple’s latest promotion runs throughout the rest of April, which gives you just two more Fridays to take advantage of it.

iPhone dependence is killing Apple Watch. Here’s how Cupertino could fix it.

For activity tracking, fitness and notifications, Apple Watch is pretty awesome, and these days, that’s all most people use it for. Which is a shame. When it launched back in 2015, Apple had a much

Apple shares fall after iPhone chipmaker cuts sales forecast

Apple shares fell 3 percent this morning after iPhone chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) cut its revenue forecast for the second quarter of 2018. The company and industry analysts

High-end mousepad makes your Magic Mouse even more magical

The Magic Mouse is one of the best mice Apple has ever built, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Some users complain that it has a high level of friction on certain surfaces, while also making an annoying

Netflix on iOS now lets you enjoy previews

Netflix has added a new feature to its iOS app, allowing users to watch a 30-second video trailer of content they are interested in. The company began testing the feature in early March, but is now

Today in Apple history: Newton boss departs as device struggles

April 19, 1994: The executive in charge of Apple’s revolutionary new product line, the Newton MessagePad, parts ways with Apple. “We can’t say whether he fell or was pushed,” says an Apple spokesman.

Qualcomm will cut 1,500 jobs amidst Apple legal battle

Chipmaker Qualcomm is reportedly cutting around 1,500 jobs in an effort to reduce its costs by $1 billion. Most of these jobs will be in California, although some will be in other locations. Qualcomm

Fortnite update adds light machine gun, new game mode

Epic today rolled out its latest content update for Fortnite, adding its first light machine gun and a new limited-time game mode. You can enjoy it all across all platforms — including iOS — right

Inside Oddmar, the Viking follow-up to the lovable Leo’s Fortune

Creating a spiritual successor to 2014’s lovable platformer Leo’s Fortune was a labor of love for its developers. Now, four years later the Norse-themed platformer Oddmar finally debuts on iOS. (Check

Viking platformer Oddmar will take you to visual Valhalla [Review]

The makers of superb 2014 game Leo’s Fortune are back with a new action platform game for iOS. Trading Leo for a cartoony world based on Norse mythology, Viking-themed platformer Oddmar lands in the

Say goodbye to free Opera VPN

The end is nigh for a free VPN service for iOS and Android. Opera VPN will close at the end of this month. No reason has been given. A Virtual Private Network protects users by hiding their IP

Trusted analyst says 6.1-inch iPhone could be surprisingly cheap

Speculation about the 2018 iPhone is running hot and heavy. It seems there are new reports on these unannounced devices almost every day. But not all of these carry the gravitas of Ming-Chi Kuo, an

Dropbox for iPad updated with tons of great features

The latest version of Dropbox allows iPad users to move files around with a fingertip. It also works better with long file names. Even though iPad was designed to be controlled with touches,

AI boosts Microsoft Translator for iPhone

Microsoft Translator has been around for a while, but this app is getting a huge improvement: artificial intelligence-powered translations even when the iPhone is offline. Using translation apps in a

‘Trustjacking’ is the dangerous new iPhone hack you’ve never heard of

You might want to think twice before plugging your iPhone into a friends laptop for a quick charge. Security researchers have discovered an all-new type of iOS hack called “trustjacking” that uses one

How to add extra filter packs to the iPhone’s Photos app

Filter packs let you add all kinds of special effects to your photos, all without ever leaving the Photos app. Heres how to find, enable, and use filter packs for iPhone. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and