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Mujjo’s leather cases match iPhone X perfectly [Review]

You don’t buy a $1,000 smartphone and stick it in a $4 silicone shell you bought on eBay. You either leave it exposed so that you can enjoy its gorgeous glass and stainless steel, or you sensibly

Cops will use decoy buses in hunt for Apple shuttle shooter

California cops will use decoy buses and undercover officers to try and catch the person who keeps shooting at Apple employee shuttles. Google shuttle buses have also been targeted by pellet guns, and

Match any color perfectly with this iPhone accessory [Deals]

For everything from graphic design to home decoration, it pays to work with precise colors. Even a trained eye can only see colors with limited precision, so it pays to get help. Nix Mini is a

AirPods Pro! And the cool HealthKit gadgets you haven’t heard of, on The CultCast

A reliable source says Apple is working on audiophile-grade headphones with built-in AirPods magic. AirPods Pro? SIGN US UP. Catch the discussion on The CultCast. And stay tuned for: How Apple plans

New Harry Potter game lets you attend world’s best magic school

An RPG set in the Harry Potter universe, but where you get to create your very own wizard or witch and lead them through the Hogwarts school experience, sounds all kinds of amazing. That’s the basis

Today in Apple history: Here comes the Macintosh II

March 2, 1987: Three years after releasing the original Macintosh 128K, Apple launches a proper sequel, the almighty Macintosh II. Although four Mac models already have been released, the definitive,

Galaxy S9 can’t match iPhone’s 4K video recording

Samsung tries desperately to outdo the iPhone every year, but it doesn’t always work. Its bid to battle the iPhone X with the Galaxy S9 looks a little weak, with early benchmarks suggesting the South

Trump’s aluminum tariffs could drive up Mac and iPhone prices

President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs on imported aluminum and steel could hit Apple, which is a big user of both, where it hurts. And if it’s anything like other times that Apple has been slapped

Instagram leak exposes video calling plans

Instagram is preparing to add voice and video calling to its primary photo sharing app, a new leak has revealed. Files and icons labeled “call” and “video call” have been discovered buried inside

Apple defends iPhone slowdown in Canadian parliament

Apple and Geekbench’s John Poole have testified in front of Canada’s House of Commons committee regarding the iPhone slowdown controversy, and how Apple handled it. A representative for Apple Canada

A stunning 2/3 of Apple devices ever sold remain in use

Apple’s devices don’t end up in the rubbish bin very often. In fact, an analyst determined that about 64 percent of iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches ever sold remain in active use. This might be

How to track flights in the Mac’s Notification Center

TodayFlights adds a flight-tracker widget to your Mac's Today View sidebar, making it quick and easy to keep an eye on incoming friends and family. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Apple Watch sprints past Fitbit to grab wearables crown

Apple sold more wearables than any rival last quarter thanks to strong demand for the Apple Watch 3. According to the latest data from IDC, it’s the first time Apple outsold both Fitbit and Xiaomi.

10 Apple Watch Series 3 bands our Watch Store customers love

Whether you got the Apple Watch Series 3 or just want to up the game of an older model, we’ve got you covered with our Watch Store customers’ favorite bands. These are some of the best-selling straps

Galaxy S9 display tops iPhone X for best ever

The iPhone X’s reign as the world’s best smartphone display ever has already been overthrown. Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 has blown away the display experts at DisplayMate. You’ll have to wait a few more

How to convert any video (or song) into an MP3

This Workflow action will convert any audio or video file to Mp3, right there on your iPhone or iPad. Check out the convert MP3 iPhone workflow. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Apple’s next AirPods may pack health sensors

Your next set of Apple earbuds might be about to get some serious health upgrades. Tracking your heart rate while jogging soon may only require using earbuds, as a new patent filing show that Apple

Sarcastic T-shirts urge Apple to ‘Think Different (again)’

If you think Apple has lost its innovation mojo, these T-shirts are for you. Throwboy’s new iWantMore line expresses the frustration of anybody irritated by iOS bugs or underwhelmed by the MacBook

Moby doesn’t want to brag, but he totally invented the iPhone

World-famous DJ Moby may have an estimated net worth of around $32 million, but it could’ve been a whole lot more. You know why? Because according to a new interview with the musician, he helped Apple

Apple Pay can save you money at the movies this weekend

Apple Pay users can save $5 off movie tickets when they pair two from ticketing company Fandango. The offer expires this Sunday, March 4. It is tied in with the forthcoming 90th Academy Awards which