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Apple ramps up prices in India following import tax hike

Apple has raised the price of many iPhone handsets in India, following last week’s increase in import duties on the new handset. In new rules announced last week, the cost of importing smartphones to

Today in Apple history: iPhone may have to seek new name

December 18, 2006: Apple fans mourn the death of the iPhone before it even launches. After Linksys begins selling new handsets, Cupertino watchers must come to grips with the fact that Apple’s rumored

You control this new iPhone X game by wiggling your eyebrows

When it comes to the iPhone X, facial recognition is most associated with the Face ID biometric security system, but there are other ways to use the front-facing camera on your device. In a new game,

Sold out AirPods won’t be shipping in time for Christmas

If you’re planning to pick up some last minute AirPods as a Christmas gift, sadly you may have left it a little bit too late — because both Apple’s website, and those belonging to other retailers we

Selfissimo!, Life is Strange, and other awesome apps of the week

A unique selfie app, created by Google, that summons up your inner supermodel is just of one of the picks for this week’s “Awesome Apps” roundup. In addition, we’ve got part one of an excellent

Civilization VI proves great games never get old [Deals]

Games have changed a lot over the last 25 years. Technologies have improved, tastes have changed, whole new genres have been created. But in that time, some games have shown that classics are classics

Today in Apple history: iOS finally overtakes Windows Mobile

December 17, 2009: Apple finally triumphs over longtime rival Microsoft … on mobile operating system market share. Figures released by research firm Comscore show that iPhone OS (as iOS is called at

This little sensor gives your iPhone an eye for color [Deals]

Whether you’re a graphic designer or just need to touch up a spot of wall paint, precise color is key. Out in the world there are endless sources of color inspiration and reference. But without a

Cult of Mac Magazine: 10 things we love about iPhone X, and more!

Cult of Mac publisher, Leander Kahney, can’t think of anything to hate about the iPhone X. On the contrary, there are lots of things to love. Kahney breaks down the 10 things he just loves about the

Today in Apple history: Apple signs ‘clone Mac’ deal

December 16, 1994: Apple Computer inks a licensing deal with Power Computing, allowing the company to produce Macintosh-compatible computers. With falling market share, and longtime rival Microsoft

Week’s best Apple deals: Save on iPhone X cases

If you dropped $1,000 on an iPhone X, you certainly don’t want to drop that thing without a case. (Yes, we know it’s kind of slippery.) In this week’s roundup of the best Apple deals, you’ll find

iTunes won’t arrive on Windows Store by 2017

Windows 10 users hoping for some love from Apple by the end of the year are in for a dose of disappointment. Apple says it won’t be bringing iTunes to the Windows Store this year. The move comes after

This hub adds handy ports to the front of your new iMac Pro

The Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub Pro adds a bunch of extra ports to your iMac Pro. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

These stealthy wings will prop up your phone

This post is presented by SnapWings. To keep your phone propped up at a convenient reading angle, you need a special case with a kickstand or some sort of (typically bulky) iPhone stand. But over at

Activate iPhone X Reachability with a flick of the thumb

This neat gesture can conjure up Reachability on iPhone X with a flick of the thumb. You can even use it to access Control Center (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple inks deal for new sci-fi series

The guy that developed Battlestar Galactica for TV is teaming up with Apple for an all-new sci-fi TV series. Apple has reportedly inked a deal with Ronald D. Moore that will see the sci-fi TV producer

Facebook’s new snooze button lets you mute annoying friends

Facebook has added a new snooze button that lets you mute annoying friends, groups, and pages. The feature lets you temporarily avoid content you don’t want to see — without having to unfriend or

Foxconn could soon use AI to help identify faulty iPhone parts

Apple manufacturer Foxconn is planning to adopt artificial intelligence image recognition systems for quality control in its factories, a new report claims. The tech could help identify faulty circuit

Miss your favorite Windows apps? Run them on your Mac [Deals]

Many Mac users were once PC people. And of course there are many reasons to prefer a Mac. But there are also a lot of great Windows apps and games that you might start to miss. With CrossOver 17, you

This MacBook case is strong enough to stop bullets

Who says a MacBook isn’t fit for the battlefield? The C6SHELL case made from real carbon fiber is all you need to keep your beloved notebook protected in a war zone. It’s strong enough to stop